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A world-class education for a community college price.

IT program grads are prepared for successful career in the industry and beyond. Take advantage of an unparalleled education that offers:

  • State of the art equipment
  • Smaller class sizes
  • A diverse and close-knit student group, representing all cultures, ages and backgrounds
  • Highly qualified instructors driven to help their students succeed
  • Valuable industry connections and relationships

Choosing IT

Meaningful support, every step of the way. All areas of Green River’s IT program are designed specifically for student success.

  • Every IT student has access to their own faculty advisor from the first day of class to graduation
  • All Bachelors level students have unparalleled support from designated staff, in addition to their faculty advisor
  • IT instructors value being available and responsive to students.

Learn your own way. Lose yourself in active and fun work, led by passionate and engaging teachers.

Industry connections. The IT program instructors and administrators personally maintain industry relationships that will benefit students through college and well into their career.

  • Internships
  • Networking events
  • Job fairs
  • On-campus interview sessions

Meet our instructors and staff

Just as our students form a diverse, friendly group, so do our instructors and staff. Each is highly trained, focused on student success, and committed to educating, equipping and encouraging each and every student in the IT program.

Students first. Always.

Alan Carter
IT Faculty

Alan CarterAlan Carter manages the Bachelor of Applied Science - IT Network and Administration Security program. He has been teaching Microsoft, Novell, and custom courseware throughout the United States for the last 15 years, and now teaches full-time at Green River Community College. He has also installed and supported complex networks while working on staff for regional and national value added resellers. In addition, Alan has several published works, including Windows NT 4.0 MCSE Study Guide (IDG Books Worldwide, 1998) and Windows 2000 MCSE Study System (IDG Books Worldwide, 2000). 

Alan's main areas of interest:

  • Networking
  • Security
  • Directory Services
  • Routing
  • Server installation and configuration
  • Installing and configuring server-based applications

When Alan is not teaching or working in his home office, he can be found hiking in the Cascade Mountains, fly fishing in Western Washington lakes and streams, cross-country skiing in Washington's gorgeous Methow Valley, or curled up in his favorite overstuffed chair with his cat in his lap, and reading a good science-fiction/fantasy novel.

Ken Hang
IT Faculty

Ken HangKen Hang teaches programming, scripting, mobile app development, database design, and Linux classes. Prior to joining Green River in 2012, Ken worked as a software engineer for more than a decade, developing aircrew training systems for the U.S. Navy and e-learning for the Foreign Service Institute at the U.S. Department of State. His latest work involved working with aviators and research psychologists to design and develop next-generation instructional systems.

Ken's primary areas of interest are:

  • Agile methods of software development
  • Software craftsmanship
  • Information architecture
  • Interaction design/human-computer interaction
  • Cognitive systems engineering
  • Computer science education/software engineering education
  • Diversity in the technology industry/women in computing

When Ken is unplugged from his dual monitor setup and his laptop, he's out with his tripod and dog, hiking a trail, combing a beach, or paddling some whitewater. Ken is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project, the Women in Military Service for America Memorial, and the ASPCA.

Krish Mahadevan
IT Faculty

Krish MahadevanKrish Mahadevan currently teaches server and client technologies in Windows and Linux. He has an extensive background in electrical/mechanical/
automotive/maritime engineering, having worked at Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan and at Cummins, Inc., Charleston, SC. His specialty lies in inter-module communications and real-time embedded programming. His interest in teaching began when he was at Ford Motor Company helping colleagues in their education when they were getting their degrees. He had always been teaching in some shape or form ever since mostly part-time from his home.

Krish strongly believes in molding young minds in the STEM fields, especially in Math, Physics, IT and Computer Science. He trains high school students with their Advanced Placement (AP) in STEM areas from his home on the weekends. He keeps himself busy by reading a lot on new technologies just to keep his brain from rusting!

For fun, Krish loves to play with his dogs - a shepherd and a retriever. He is tree hugger and loves plants and trees. His favorite pastime is to restore the plants his dogs dig up. Every day, he takes a few moments to listen to the chirping of his cockatiels (too many to name them here!) and takes peace in just watching his Koi fish, Moby, swim in the fish tank, or meditating. His plan for this summer is to create a small vegetable and a flower garden in his backyard.

Jackson Muhirwe
IT Faculty

Jackson MuhirweDr. Jackson Muhirwe brings on board a wealth of international experience gained from both IT industry and academia spanning over 15 years. Prior to joining Green River he worked with the Regional Economic Community of East Africa (EAC) as an IT officer (CIO) based in Kenya. During his tenure at the EAC he established a strong IT department from scratch by developing policies; developing and managing complex information systems; establishing corporate computer networks; increasing service delivery and cutting down on IT service expenditures and running costs.

Although trained as a computer scientist, Dr. Jackson has extensively practiced and taught information technology to both graduate and undergraduate students.

Dr. Jackson brings his classes rich work and life experiences from four major continents ranging from Seattle to Seoul via Brussels; Amsterdam to Cape Town via Nairobi, Kampala and Kigali. His passion for teaching and sharing knowledge brings joy to even the most dry IT subjects.

Dr. Muhirwe holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science attained through a split site program between Makerere University, Uganda and University of Groningen, Netherlands. Additionally, he holds several professional certifications in IT Service and Project Management.

Dr. Muhirwe's main areas of interest are database Management, programming, networking, security service management, project management and language technology and user interface design.

Angela "Spunky" Robinson
Adjunct Faculty

Angela Angela "Spunky" Robinson stepped in front of her first class at Green River back in September of 2011 with a lot of love and passion not only for IT but also for the success of the Green River IT students. She still demonstrates that in the classes she teaches today. She teaches a wide variety of first-year classes ranging from installing and configuring various operating systems to designing and coding web pages using HTML5/CSS3. Spunky's main areas of interest lay in the following areas:

  • Networking
  • Security
  • Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Web Design (including coding)

When Spunky is not in the classroom or working with the students, she is either reading the current IT news or playing with one of the three cats she has. Facebook gaming is a given!

Sheila Capps
IT Bachelor's Program Manager

Sheila CappsSheila Capps has happily worked in the fields of education and technology for her entire career. The common denominator among all of her jobs is that they have been student-focused, and her overarching goal is to support and foster student success. As the IT Bachelor Program manager, she actively engages in outreach with the community and area businesses, and partners with all campus services to act as a "one-stop-shop" for all the IT Bachelor's students.

When not on campus, Sheila enjoys spending time with her family hiking, skiing, going to concerts, and exploring and adventuring all over the globe.  She is an avid reader, people watcher and music fiend, and truly values the small, happy-making things.

Olin Sunde
IT Instructional Support Tech

Olin SundeOlin has been supporting IT classes since fall quarter of 2013. He has been part of the IT program since spring of 2010 and has earned his IT Networking and IT Computer Support Specialist degrees here at Green River. He is currently working on bringing the labs up to the latest operating systems and deploying System Center to mimic a real company environment.

Olin's main areas of interest:

  • Networking
  • Security
  • Virtualization
  • Server Installation and Configuration
  • System Center
  • Cisco

When Olin is not working on improving students experiences in the IT labs he can be found reading sci-fi/fantasy/romance books, skiing, biking or watching national news.

In the classroom

Our classrooms are a hub for IT students. Each classroom offers the latest technological innovations and equipment, and provides a great environment for learning and hands-on practice.

Learn for your future job. Green River IT students learn on industry-standard equipment, which is regularly updated to stay current with advancing technologies.

  • Cisco routers, switches and academy classes
  • Microsoft servers and development tools
  • Virtualization software for real-life practice scenarios, accessible from our labs and from home

Feel at home in the classroom. Small class sizes and a welcoming classroom environment create a great context for learning.

Careers in IT

Technology is among the five fastest-growing industries in the Pacific Northwest, and Washington is one of the top three national IT hubs¹.  IT employment in Washington state is predicted to grow by 22 percent from 2010-2020²

Average Salaries³

  • Software application developers - $49.70 per hour or $103,382.35 per year
  • Information security analysts  - $47.20 per hour or $98,176 per year
  • Network and computer systems administrators  - $39.69 per hour or $82,569 per year
  • Computer user support specialists  - $27.85 per hour or  $57,908 per year

¹ Robert Half Technology (2012). Fastest-Growing Industries Across the United States. Menlo Park, CA: Robert Half Technology. Retrieved August 9, 2013 from

² Carnevale, A., Smith, N., & Strohl, J. (2013, June). Recovery: Job Growth and Education Requirements Through 2020. Washington D.C.: Georgetown Public Policy Institute.

³ Washington Workforce Explorer 2013

Program options

The Green River IT program offers the following degrees:

  • Associate of Applied Science Degrees in
    • IT Networking
    • IT Systems
    • IT Mobile Application Development
  • Bachelors of Applied Science Degrees in
    • IT Network Administration and Security

Can't decide? Email us if you'd like more information about our programs or would like to schedule an appointment for one-on-one advising.

First-time students

Welcome to your new academic home. Skilled advisors will walk you through each step of the entry process, answer any questions you may have, and make sure you have the tools at your disposal to succeed in your time here, and out in to the workforce.

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Transferring or returning students

This is college like you’ve never experienced it. Rely on your personal advisor to smoothly transition to the IT program. Find support through each step, from applying to graduation and beyond. Your advisor and instructors make it easy to earn the skills and degree you need to reach the next level in the IT field.

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