Physical Education (P E) & Health Education (HL ED)

Physical and Health Education classes emphasize healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors. Take a proactive approach to your health and fitness now and in the future.

Physical Education: Health-related fitness classes focus on safe and effective principles of training, nutrition, healthy weight and prevention of chronic disease in conjunction with participation in lab activity which gives students the opportunity to practice and adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors. Skill-related classes focus on sport-specific skill development, proper form and technique, and give students the opportunity to practice and adopt lifetime, leisure activities that promote overall health.

Health Education: Students learn to recognize and understand various components of wellness which include physical, social, intellectual, spiritual and emotional wellness. Classes focus on prevention of disease, physical activity, nutrition and healthy weight, healthy relationships, and personal safety.

At Green River College you may begin your studies by taking courses that prepare you to be "major ready" and transfer to a university. While you are taking your major prerequisites within your transfer degree, you can focus your distribution choices and elective credits toward meeting your educational goals and area of interest.

All transferability of classes to four-year institutions is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Students should contact an advisor at the college to which they intend to transfer. Please visit the College Transfer Center for more information.