Prior Learning Assessment

Green River College offers students the opportunity to earn credit for prior nontraditional education and/or work experience. Students who wish to receive credit(s) for prior learning must complete the Prior Learning Assessment Request form in coordination with an assigned faculty member and pay regular tuition based on the number of credits requested. Prior Learning credits are awarded for 1 to 2 credits per quarter.

Students will be assessed through the course challenge process that will determine the courses to which the students have met the learning outcomes. These courses must be current and correspond to the course(s) taught at Green River.

Students will work with an assigned faculty member to evaluate the prior learning of a student in relation to the competencies of the program and will award credit for demonstrated learning outcomes that are appropriate to the course. This could be a test, demonstration, written documentation, oral interview, or other appropriate method by which the faculty member determines the students' understanding of the subject matter.