Quality Assurance and Inspection

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Quality Assurance and Inspection

Certificate of proficiency in Quality Assurance/Inspection.   
2 Quarter Certificate (28 credits)  

As a student in Green River's Quality Inspection program you will gain working knowledge of modern inspection measurement devices including: a steel rule, calipers, micrometers, hole thread  go and no-go, pin, radius, height gages, depth micrometers, gage blocks, hardness tester, and optical comparators.

You will gain the ability to read and understanding complex drawings and specifications, to interpret blueprints, to write a program for and operate a Coordinate Measuring Machine and to utilize a Laser Tracker. You will become familiar with concepts such as Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement.

More than 90 percent of Green River AAM graduates are working with area employers in the field as Mechanical Inspectors, Quality Control Inspectors (QC), Quality Inspectors, and Quality Assurance (QA) Inspectors.

Quarter 1

AAM 105 (7 credits)
Quality Assurance (QA) 1

You will learn to read and interpret drawing symbols, dimensions, notes, title blocks, tolerances, and thread nomenclature. Dimension conversion from metric to inch and inch to metric will be covered. Inspection-related math will be taught in the first-half of the quarter.  You will also be introduced to and given experience in inspection related machines such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) and laser 3D scanners in the second half of the quarter. In a classroom you will learn how to operate preprogramed inspections using the CMM and 3D scanner to measure parts.

AAM 107 (7 credits)
Inspection 1

You will learn to read and interpret drawing symbols, dimensions, tolerances, notes and title blocks. You will also learn how to use hand tools such as calipers, micrometers and hole and height gages relating to concepts being taught. Based on drawing specifications you will practice part set-up, part inspection, recording of measurements and any out-of-tolerance information onto industry paperwork in a lab setting.

Quarter 2

AAM 106 (7 credits)
Quality Assurance 2

Concepts such as Lean manufacturing, continuous improvement methods and statistical process controls are taught. You will continue gaining experience inspecting a variety of parts and dimensions using a wide range of hand tools including a hardness tester and an optical comparator. You will practice inspection set up, inspection, and record measurements and any out-of-tolerance dimensions using geometric dimensioning and tolerance callouts on the drawing.

AAM 108 (7 credits)
Inspection 2

You will learn to read and interpret GD&T callouts on drawings. You will practice inspection set up, inspection and record measurements as well as any out-of-tolerance dimensions using GD& T callouts. You will continue using Coordinate Measuring Machines and laser 3D scanners and to run a program you will have written on the CMM.