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PRIME TIME Institute is a program for active adult learners. Members enjoy stimulating, intellectual learning through short non-credit courses, discussion groups, social activities, and educational tours.

Membership is open to adults 55+ who are interested in participating in classes and educational tours. A yearly membership fee ($75 individual; $125 couple) entitles you to a discount on PRIME TIME classes. If you are not a member, you are welcome to attend at the non-member class fee.

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Membership Benefits

  • Interesting short-term programs that stimulate interaction
  • GRCC library card
  • Membership Socials
  • Activity trips
  • Low cost and convenient PRIME TIME classes
  • Senior discount for credit classes
  • Admission to all athletic events

Current Class Schedule

The BRIC in Review - July 10, 17 &24

Tuesday, July 10, 17, & 24 • 9:30-11:30a

Location: Enumclaw Campus, 1414 Griffin Avenue, Enumclaw

Instructor: Richard Elfers

The BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, and China, and recently South Africa) are the fastest growing as well as the largest emerging markets economies. They account for almost three billion people, or just under half of the total population of the world. They have formed a block and are working to use their economic influence to affect change in the world. If they are successful, the United States will have to deal with their combined power. Instructor Richard Elfers will review what has happened in the last 40 years and update us on events since he last taught on this topic. Our world is constantly changing and he'll help us stay informed of new events on these emerging powers.

Member Fee: $49 (Register for P110)   
Non-Member Fee: $75 (Register for P115)

LeMay Collection: America's Car Museum - July 27

Friday, July 27 • 9:45a-4:00p

Location: Meet at Auburn Center, Suite 110, 2nd St. S.W., Auburn

We've been waiting for it to open . . . and now it is! A docent-led tour provides us with interesting facts on the new LeMay America's Car Museum (ACM) which spotlights America’s love affair with the automobile. ACM is designed to preserve history and celebrate the world’s automotive culture. It features a nine-acre campus and displays over 250 cars at a time--in the mid 90's, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized the LeMay collection as the largest private collection in the world with 2,200 vehicles. After the guided tour, there will be plenty of time for self-exploration. Lunch options (on your own) available at the facility.

Member Fee: $35 (Register for P120)
Non-Member Fee: $50 (Register for P125)

Cedar River Watershed - August 2

Thursday, August 2 • 8:30a-3:30p

Location: Meet at Auburn Center, Suite 110, 2nd St. S.W., Auburn

The Cedar River Watershed Education Center, operated by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU), helps visitors to understand the complex issues surrounding the future of our drinking water, forests, and salmon. This unique land and water features Seattle’s 90,638-acre protected Cedar River Municipal Watershed, the source of 70% of the region’s drinking water. An SPU naturalist will guide our bus and provide in-depth information as we enjoy spectacular views of Seattle’s tap water supply: Chester Morse Lake, Masonry Dam, and Cedar Falls. Upon returning to the Center, we will self-explore the exhibit hall which tells the unique story of the watershed through hands-on, interactive exhibits. Light walking required (wear comfortable shoes); bring your lunch!

Member Fee: $39 (Register for P130)
Non-Member Fee: $55 (Register for P135)

Shadows and Eclipes - August 15

Wednesday, August 15 • 10:00a-12:00p

Location: Kent Campus, 417 Ramsay Way, Suite 112, Kent

Instructor: Monica Clements

Solar and lunar eclipses are not that uncommon, and they can be predicted! Monica Clement, GRCC Science Lab Tech, will discuss the geometry of the sun, earth and moon during an eclipse and why they occur, what types of eclipses have been identified, and historical information on these occurrences. You will also learn about the “Path of Totality” (a total eclipse) which is typically 10,000 miles long but only about 100 miles wide. Monica will talk about her experiences of being within the Path of Totality while traveling to Turkey, Libya, and China to view eclipses. She will also share her eager anticipation of this upcoming fall’s total eclipse as she travels to Australia to view the shadows and darkness firsthand.

Member Fee: $19 (Register for P140)
Non-Member Fee: $30 (Register for P145)

Behind the Scenes at Woodland Park Zoo - August 23

Thursday, August 23 • 9:30a-4:30p
Location: Meet at Auburn Center, Suite 110, 2nd St. S.W., Auburn

We're going behind the scenes at the zoo! Our tour guide will take us to non-public areas such as the commissary where food for more than 1,000 animals is stored and prepared; the Zoo Doo yard where highly coveted, rich compost is created; the greenhouse where horticulturists grow tropical plants (including more than 900 orchids) used around the zoo; the outdoor aviary; and more! Registrations for the “behind the scenes” tour is limited! Registrations for the zoo experience without the tour are also available. Bring your lunch or buy food on premises.

Member Fee (includes tour/zoo): $69 (Register for P150)
Non-Member Fee (includes tour/zoo): $89 (Register for P155)
Member Fee (zoo only): $45 (Register for P160)
Non-Member Fee (zoo only): $60 (Register for P165)

Contact Us

Sherrie Earl
PRIME TIME Activities Coordinator
Phone: 253-833-9111 ext. 2535