Transportation for Kent Campus

Our Mission: To provide our campus community with a safe and efficient transportation plan that will enhance the accessibility, mobility and parking at the Kent Campus.


Metro Bus

Do questions like these leave you in a jam... What bus do I ride? Where is my bus stop? What is the bus schedule? Go to the Metro Regional Trip Planner and you will get assistance with:

  • bus route number
  • location of bus stop
  • boarding and arrival times
  • possible transfers

Follow this link for fare information

Metro Bus Information

(206) 553-3000


Parking at the Kent Campus is free. 

Transit Alert

Get Snow Updates for Buses and Roads via E-mail and Pager

Wondering what was happening with your Metro bus route or county road during a weekend's snow? You weren't alone. That's why King County DOT provides RPIN eNews Alerts, a free e-mail and pager subscription service for critical information from 38 jurisdictions and agencies on the latest weather, roads and emergency news. Get the information direct from the source, at the same time as it is sent to the news media. The same information on weather, road conditions and emergency situations is also available at the Regional Public Information Network (RPIN) Web site at Sign up now at and be ready for the next snowstorm!

Bus riders can also subscribe to King County Transit Alert! - an e-mail / pager service that notifies subscribers when a significant number of Metro buses are rerouted because of bad weather or other disruptions. Go to

Useful Numbers

Metro Bus Information
(206) 553-3000
(800) 542-7876

(888) 814-1300
This is a free online self-serve ride-matching service that in a matter of minutes, day or night, helps you find others who want to carpool or vanpool and have a similar commute. 

Sound Transit
For Sounder Information, call:
(888) 889-6368 (voice) or
(206) 713-6030 (TTY)
Sounder Train Info