Humanities Division

Humanities Division

The Humanities Division is home to the Communication Studies, Philosophy, and Foreign Languages departments, as well as two instructional support departments, Holman Library and Counseling Services. Faculty in the Humanities Division introduce students to the study of human cultures, languages, and knowledge and value systems, and they challenge students to think critically, problem-solve effectively, and communicate powerfully.

Students may choose from many exciting Humanities Division courses, including: Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Persuasion and Propaganda, and Film and Television as Popular Culture from the Communication Studies Department; Philosophy of Religion, Symbolic Logic, and Contemporary Moral Problems from Philosophy; Latin America in Film, Peoples of the World, and the Study of Gender from the Humanities Department; language study courses in Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and German; and Information Literacy classes from the Library.

Students may earn Academic Transfer degrees in Humanities Division programs, as well as certificates in Communication Studies and Hispanic Studies. Some Humanities Division courses apply to interdisciplinary certificates in Diversity Studies, Gender Studies, and a pending certificate program in film studies. Many Humanities Division courses satisfy requirements and fulfill prerequisites for other Academic Divisions and Professional Technical Programs. Please see specific Areas of Study for individual program requirements.

Chair: Liz Becker
Mail Stop: CHS
Phone: (253) 833-9111 ext. 4491
Office: LC 234

Dean: Amanda Schaefer


Public Speaking Center:

The Public Speaking Center is run by Communication Studies faculty who provide students with one-on-one assistance with oral presentations. You can make an appointment for your practice time on the Public Speaking Center web page. Location: Holman Library, HL-150


Veritas, Green River CC's philosophy club, gives students a forum outside of the classroom for the discussion of philosophy and current issues. Veritas sponsors an annual conference. Faculty Advisor: Ty Barnes


  • Tutoring and conversation practice are available in Spanish and Japanese. Hours vary quarterly. Please check with your instructor for scheduling. Tutoring is free to current students.
  • Phil& 120: Introduction to Logic - Hours vary quarterly; please check with your instructor for the schedule. Tutoring is free to current students.
  • All students may use the Public Speaking Center for extra help with oral presentations.