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AMATYC Student Math Contest

Green River College mathematics division is an active participant in the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (AMATYC).  As part of our participation, we host the Student Mathematics League Competitions twice yearly.

 Each year, the Mathematics Division at Green River College encourages students to participate in a national math contest created by the Student Mathematics League.  The Student Mathematics League was founded in 1970 by Nassau Community College in New York.  The League has grown to more than 165 colleges in more than thirty-five states as well as Bermuda involving over eight thousand community college math students. There are two rounds of the Math Contest each year.  Round one is usually in late October or early November and round two is in late February or early March.  Each round is a multiple choice test consisting of precalculus level mathematics questions.  However, one should not be fooled into thinking these tests are easy!  The questions can seem tricky and often include the concepts of geometry and probability.  Each test is 20 questions long and students are given 1 hour for completion.  Typically, the Math Contest tests are given during the noon hour.

Each spring, the mathematics division awards certificates and other prizes to students with the highest scores on the exam.  A student does not have to participate in both rounds to be eligible for awards.  Students that participate in both rounds may be eligible for national awards (given to the top ten scores).

Please see the AMATYC Student Mathematics League website for more details, or contact Rob Jonas in the GRCC mathematics division

Math Club

Contact advisor David Nelson for details.