To view our current math course offerings, please view the current Green River College Catalog.

Course Sequence

View our flowchart to see course sequences and pre-requisite courses.

What college level math class should I take? What math class should I take after Math 97?

Need help deciding between Lecture, Online or Hybrid courses?

The mathematics division offers the following courses online: Math 62, 107, 147 and 148. Contact the instructor or view the eLearning site for more information.

The mathematics division offers the following courses as hybrid: Math 62, 70, 72 and 97.
These courses are offered in our computer labs using the Hawkes Learning System software.

Resource Modules

Resource modules are 2 credit independent study courses utilizing a  computer software. The software diagnoses your knowledge and learning gaps and you work using the computer instruction to fill in those gaps.
Reasons to take a module:

  1. Improve your grade in the course that you are currently taking (i.e., take a 72R module while you are currently enrolled in Math 72)
  2. Brush up on your math skills before taking an actual course
  3. Build up your math skills enough so that you can re-test (via COMPASS or an Entrance Exam) and 'jump up' a level or more in your math placement.