Hybrid Math Lab Courses

The Hybrid Math Lab courses utilize computer software as the primary instruction.  Attendance is required during the first week of the quarter and for taking tests.



All main campus Hybrid classes are in IVC 102.  Classes are also offered at Kent and Enumclaw campus locations.

Open labs for working on assignments are available at the Math Learning Center (MLC), Holman Library, Technology Center and open labs at Kent and Enumclaw.

IVC 102 is open daily 7am - 11:50 am, 1-1:50 pm and Monday/Wednesday 7am - 6:50 pm.


The Hybrid Lab uses DEVELOPMENTAL MATH software from Hawkes Learning Systems.  The GRCC bookstore has software CD's and software bundled with the textbook available for purchase.  You may also purchase the software directly from Hawkes.  The textbook is not required for the course.  New web-based access may be purchased at:

Hawkes also provides free instructional videos online.

Hawkes software

Technical Support

The software may be installed and used off-site (at home etc.).  If you have difficulty installing or using the software, you should contact Hawkes at 800.426.9538.  Support is also available online through FAQ's and Live Chat:  Hawkes Support Center


View the Video Orientation for the Hybrid course