Mathematics Division

Mission & Goals


Promoting student success in mathematics is the primary mission of the Mathematics Division. To that end the Mathematics Division will provide a variety of courses and services that meet the needs of our students and the community.


In order to promote student success in mathematics the Mathematics Division shall focus on the achievement of the following goals:

  • To provide mathematics offerings for students with needs varying from basic arithmetic through the second year of college mathematics.

  • To provide two full years of college mathematics starting with calculus.

  • To provide mathematics courses to meet course requirements of the various academic and vocational programs.

  • To participate in activities on campus, in the community, and in professional organizations.

  • To improve participation and effective communication within the Division.

  • To provide a variety of courses throughout the day and evening.

  • To make every effort to help place students at the appropriate level.

  • To help students progress through their required sequence of mathematics courses through advising and support services.

  • To implement ongoing evaluation of our courses and services for the purpose of continual improvement. Of particular importance are the issues of curricular reform, alternative methods of assessment, and the use of technology for teaching and learning mathematics.

  • To promote professional development among members of the Division.