Resources for Help


Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center (MLC) is located in Cedar Hall 313. 

Tutoring assistance, math videos, computers, textbooks, and other learning resources are available free of charge to support students in their math studies to achieve success in their classes.

Graphing calculators may be rented for a nominal, non-refundable fee.


Math TV - offers videos for Basic Math through Calculus

Visit the Video link at our Math Learning Center for tutorials on fractions and factoring.

Online Help

These sites offer tutorials and/or video instruction:

Math TV - offers videos for Basic Math through Calculus

Brightstorm - find videos that correspond with your math book

Khan Academy


Purple Math - lesson notes and examples from Basic Math through Precalculus

West Texas A & M Virtual Math Lab

Study Skills

Success in mathematics can be greatly increased by strengthening or developing specific study skills for math.  See the links below for tips and resources:

Math Study Skills Inventory - determine what study skills you already have and where you need to improve

Math Attitude Survey - Do you have the right attitude for success?

Reading a Math Textbook

Note-taking Tips

Getting the Most Out of Class - learn how to use class time efficiently

Math Test-taking Anxiety - learn the causes and what you can do to conquer

Studying for Math Tests

Writing Practice Tests

Ten Steps to Better Test Taking

Six Steps to Analyzing Test Taking Errors

Learning Styles PreferenceA - a survey to find out what type of learner you are

Learning Styles PreferenceB - use this one if you have recently taken a math course

Learning Style Strategies - use these tips to enhance your learning style strenths (after taking the survey above)

Time Management

Grit Scale

Positive Affirmations for Math - Yes, a positive attitude CAN make a difference!

Graphing Calculator

'mini' Guides to using the TI calculators are available on the MLC website

Free online graphers:

ImathAS     or   HRW

Graphing Calculator Tutorials:

Pearson     or    Prentice Hall