Transitional Studies and Wellness Division

Transitional studies and wellness Division

The Transitional Studies and Wellness Division offers classes in two main areas: Pre-college and Physical Education and Wellness.

In the Pre-college areas we have classes in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Adult Basic Education, High School Equivalency (ABE/HSE), and High School Completion (HSC)

  • Students taking ESOL classes are here to improve their English language skills for their everyday lives or to prepare for more education at the college.
  • ABE students are working to improve their basic skills in reading, writing and/or math for college.
  • Students who have not completed a High School diploma can prepare for high school equivalency testing.
  • Some students enroll to earn a High School diploma.

In the transfer degree area, we offer classes in Health Education or Physical Education: 

  • Fulfill credits for college requirements while learning more about building and maintaining personal wellness.
  • Gain knowledge of healthy lifestyle choices that impact quality of life.
  • Identify, acquire and/or enhance lifetime health and fitness skills.
  • Practice proactive behaviors impacting wellness, fitness, and disease prevention.

Our goal is to assist students to meet their personal and educational goals through academic preparation, wellness study and physical activity. For continued intellectual, occupational, and physical development, we strongly encourage and assist students to take other college classes and to complete degrees and certificates.