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Green River uses Canvas software for the majority of courses that have an online component. If your professor is using Canvas to support their on campus sections, they will tell you in class. New to Canvas? Take a video tour.

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Earn your AA Degree Online

Green River offers another way to complete your AA degree once you've completed your developmental and/or pre-college classes. Everything you need from that point on is online so you can complete your degree without taking another class on campus. Not every class is offered every quarter. You can check the eLearning Class Schedule for the current quarter's offerings.

All classes that are fully online require no on-campus visits. Some professors in online classes require proctored tests but they can be proctored anywhere in the world. If on-campus attendance is required, the class is listed as Hybrid in the Class Schedule. A Hybrid class combines online instruction with required classroom time so you don't need to come to campus every day.

For more information about earning your AA online contact Enrollment Services at or talk with your faculty advisor.


What follows is a list of questions people who take eLearning Classes often have. If you don't find your question answered here please email the eLearning Office. If your question is about your class please email your instructor. Professor email address are listed on the Class Schedule.

I registered for an eLearning course, what should I do next?

Return to the eLearning Class Schedule, scroll to your class and determine the website for your course. The website is listed along with the course name. Go to the site, login and follow the professor's instructions for the class. Login instructions are on the login page.

Most, but not all, online courses are offered through Canvas. Your professor will tell you if they are not using Canvas. The Canvas login is listed in the user name (full Green River email address) and password (student ID) boxes on the Canvas login page. On the screen that appears next, the dashboard, you'll see your courses. If you dont see them, click on the Courses button in the green bar on the left. There you'll see a link to All Courses. Click on that link and you should see your class in that list. 

If you have any questions you may email the professor. Remember that classes don't start until the first day of the quarter. All Green River Canvas classes will open after noon on the first day of the quarter.

I'm registered for a class and it isn't showing on my Dashbord.

Click on the Courses button in the green toolbar on the left and then the All Courses link on the page that opens. You should see your class there. Click on the star in front of your class to turn it gold and the class will appear on your Dashboard. Clicking on it again to make it blank will remove the course from your Dashboard.

I'm registered for a hybrid course. How do these work?

Hybrid courses combine online and classroom instruction. Therefore they will meet on campus. Your professor will have separate required assignments that have to be completed online and in class. Online assignments cannot be done in the classroom. Classroom assignments cannot be done online. The eLearning Class Schedule lists the time and location of the first meeting. Your professor will give you instructions for your course at that meeting. They will tell you if they are using Canvas for the class.

I cannot login to Canvas.

The most common mistake is using an incorrect login ID or password. Your Canvas user name is your full Green River email address. For example if your Green River email address is, your Canvas user name would be If you don't know your Green River email address you can get it here. Your Canvas password is the same as your student ID without the hyphens. So if your student ID is 840-12-3456 then your Canvas password would be 840123456.

If you are a newly admitted student, it may take a week or more before you have a Canvas account.

Are there any special settings for my browser?

  • Please make sure you have turned off all pop-up blockers. You can find them in stand alone programs, in antivirus software, in toolbars such as Google's, and in firewall software. They must be disabled or some features such as online testing will not work.
  • Make sure your browser is set to accept cookies. Canvas sets a session cookie and will not allow you to log in if you block cookies.
  • You'll need the latest version of Java and you can find it here

Canvas will work on the following browsers although we recommend using Chrome:

For the PC and the Mac

  • The two most recent versions of all browsers. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser.

For mobile devices, Although there are apps for Apple and Android devices, we recommend opening Canvas in a browser rather than using the Canvas app.

My class has online tests and I can't open them.

Pop-up adds are created using the same programming language as some of the features in Canvas. If you are running any pop-up blocking software it must be turned off in order for these features to work. Online testing is one such feature. You can find pop-up blockers in separate programs, in antivirus software, in toolbars such as Google's, and in firewall software.

What if I use a Mac?

Canvas will work on your Mac and in Safari.

What if I use a mobile device?

We recommend opening Canvas in a browser.  We don't recommend using the Apple or Android app.

Is Canvas safe to use with a wireless Internet connection?

Wireless Internet connections are unstable by nature. You can use a wireless connection to read anything in your course but we strongly recommend not using wireless to take tests or quizzes. Always use a wired connection for these.

Why are a few courses not password protected?

Generally only the courses offered through Canvas are password protected. Courses not using these delivery systems may not require a username and password. If the link to the course website does not take you to a login screen you will not need a login ID and password. If your professor is using a site other than Canvas, they will provide instructions on how to use it including login information.

How much time can I expect to spend on a eLearning course?

Instructors and students alike say that online courses take as much or more time than regular on-campus classes. For a five credit class, students should expect to spend 10 to 15 hours (and sometimes more) each week on activities related to the course. Lab classes generally require an additional 5-10 hours per week.


Computer Needs

Some online classes have special hardware and software needs. Your professor will tell you about them once you're in the course. Otherwise below is a general list that should work for most online classes.

Personal computer running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP. Canvas will not work on earlier versions of Windows although you may have problems with Vista or XP. It is possible to use the computers on campus to complete your course.

Macintosh running Mac OS X. Canvas will not work on earlier versions of the Mac OS. Some courses will not work on a Macintosh -- check the instructor's site for the course.

Mobile Devices.  Not all features in Canvas will work on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablet computers. As a general rule, all you can expect to do is read class material. Mobile devices may not allow you to submit papers, take tests, or reply to discussion forums. If you are using a mobile device, we recommend opening Canvas in a browser.

You'll also need:

  • Internet access and a high speed internet connection.
  • 10 meg or more of space on your hard drive
  • You may also need a CD-ROM drive on your Mac or PC
  • Your Green River email address. Go here if you don't know yours.

Browser software for online courses

  • Windows and Mac users -- The two most recent versions of all browsers. Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser.
  • Apple mobile device -- Canvas has an Apple app but we recommend opening Canvas in a browser.
  • Android mobile device -- Canvas has an Android app but we recommend opening Canvas in a browser.

Word processing software

You may also need word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Works. Certain courses may require additional software so check with the instructor and the course site for your specific class.

Email the Office of eLearning with other questions.

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