Getting Started with Your Course

Once you have registered for an eLearning course go to the Class Schedule for information about the instructor and the type of course. The following information describes the types of eLearning courses offered at Green River and what you need to do to start each one. These classes run on a schedule just as though they were offered on campus. They have required due dates and are not self-paced.

All Green River Canvas classes open at noon on the first day of the quarter.

WAOL classes generally open earlier so be sure to check the Class Schedule for the start dates of your WAOL course.

4 Types of eLearning Courses:



The largest number of eLearning courses offered at the college are online courses taught by our faculty. Most of the Green River online courses use Canvas. Login instructions are on the Canvas login page. 

Classes listed as online should not require on campus attendance although many of our online faculty require proctored exams. You can take the exam at our testing center or arrangements can be made for the exam to be proctored in most places throughout the world. Check with your professor for more information.


Hybrid courses (formerly known as FLEX courses) combine online and classroom instruction.  Therefore they will meet on campus. Your professor will have separate required assignments that have to be completed online and in class.  Online assignments cannot be done in the classroom.  Classroom assignments cannot be done online. The Class Schedule lists the time and location of the first meeting. Your professor will give you instructions for your course at that meeting.  They will tell you if they are using Canvas for the class.


Washington Online (WAOL) is a cooperative effort by the Washington community college system. This icon on the Class Schedule identifies your course as a WAOL course. The Washington Online site will give you directions on how to login to your course. These courses will require a username and password.

The faculty who teach the WAOL courses usually are not Green River faculty and so they will not be available to you on our campus. You will have to contact them through your course. WAOL maintains their own help site here. You may also call them at 1-888-580-9011. The college registers students for the course, keeps their grades, grants credit when students complete the course, and handles student complaints that cannot be resolved by your professor. WAOL courses generally start earlier than Green River courses. Please see the current class schedule for the dates.

Students taking courses through Washington Online will follow the policies and procedures that govern student conduct, disciplinary procedures, and procedures for resolving student complaints which are in place at Green River Washington Online students are responsible for being familiar with the student rights and responsibilities and code of conduct at Green River.

Jurisdiction and authority for discipline of students taking classes through Washington Online rest with the enrolling college (Green River); however, administrators and faculty of Green River and/or Washington Online staff may be included in investigations and final decisions regarding a discipline situation. All appeals will be handled according to the policies of Green River.


Green River Telecourses present course material on videotape. Most of the videos have high production qualities, and they do not require any equipment other than a television and VCR.

All Telecourses are run by Green River faculty and their contact information is on the Class Schedule. A TV icon on the Class Schedule identifies your course as a telecourse. Please contact the professor for directions on how to begin your course.