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Borrowing from other libraries is simple.

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If you aren't sure where to find the required information about the item you wish to borrow, try looking it up in WorldCat.

Interlibrary Loan FAQs

What is InterLibrary Loan?

When one library borrows materials from another, it is called InterLibrary Loan or "ILL." Borrowing from other libraries offers access to materials that are not available in Holman Library. InterLibrary Loan is a voluntary cooperative arrangement among libraries and is bound by the Washington State Interlibrary Sharing Code and Copyright Law.

Who may use InterLibrary Loan?

Current students, faculty, and staff of GRCC may all use InterLibrary Loan. Community borrowers must use their local public or county library system for materials.

How do I get InterLibrary Loan materials?

Students, and Faculty and Staff may request InterLibrary Loans online.

What can I borrow?

Books, copies of periodical articles, some audio-visual materials, and microforms can be borrowed.

When and where will I get my InterLibrary Loan materials?

It usually takes about two weeks to receive an item, but may take more or less time, depending on availability.

Borrowers will be notified (by email or phone) when their materials arrive. Materials may be picked up at the Holman Library circulation desk any time before the due date.

What if I damage or lose an item?

Borrowers receiving materials through InterLibrary Loan accept full responsibility for their care and return. They will be responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged or lost materials.

InterLibrary Loan privileges may be revoked if previously loaned materials have not been returned, or have been lost or damaged. If materials have been lost or damaged, fines must be paid before new InterLibrary Loans will be processed.

InterLibrary Loan materials must be returned, regardless of condition.

Does an InterLibrary Loan cost money?

Holman Library does not charge a fee for InterLibrary Loans, but occasionally some lenders do. In this rare event, you (the borrower) would be charged that lending fee.

We try to locate a vendor that does not charge a fee. If a fee is charged, we will contact you (email or phone) before the request is placed. If you agree to pay the fee, you will pay at the Cashiers Office prior to checking out the material at the circulation desk in Holman Library.

Can InterLibrary Loan materials be renewed?

You can usually renew items. It is best to renew them before the due date. The lending library may refuse a request for renewal. You will be informed of the lending library's decision. If the request has been denied, the material is due back on the original due date.

When can I request InterLibrary Loan materials?

You can request an InterLibrary Loan only during the quarter. InterLibrary Loans are not available during breaks between quarters.

How does copyright law affect InterLibrary Loans?

Copyright law does apply when making photocopies of copyrighted materials. Guidelines for articles published fewer than five (5) years ago recommend:

  1. The library not request more than five (5) articles from a single journal title in a single year, and
  2. The library not request multiple articles from a single issue of a journal.

Are there any other restrictions on InterLibrary Loans?

Restrictions on the number of requests by one person may vary. If requests are made and not picked up, further requests may be restricted.