Holman Library

Holman Library Building

 Exterior shot of Holman Library

The Holman Library Building at Green River College is a 60,000 square foot information technology center incorporating the campus library, media services, and instructional classroom space. Library services are focused on the second floor Information Commons, an electronic reference and curriculum resource center staffed by the Library with over 150 networked workstations which provide access to various online databases, Microsoft Office, and the Internet.


First Floor

HL 112 Media and Teleconferencing

HL 112 is used primarily for teleconferencing. Located on the first floor. For additional information, please read Room HL 112 Use policy (Library Policies).

Circulation & Reserves Desk

The Circulation & Reserves Desk is located on the first floor of the Library. Visit the Circulation Desk if you need to check out or return a library item, find a course textbook on reserve, or have your photo taken for a Green River ID card. (More information on borrowing items is available here.)

Holman Library First Floor MapFirst Floor Map

Silent Study Room

If you need an absolutely quiet space to work or study alone, head to the Silent Study Room located on the first floor.

After-Hours Book Drop

There is an after-hours book drop available outside the south entrance to the library. You can return items
to the book drop when the library is closed.

Second Floor

Information Commons

The Information Commons is an open computer lab located on the second floor of the Holman Library Building. During open hours the Information Commons Reference Desk is staffed by Faculty Librarians who are available to help with information and research. Student workers provide additional technology and computing assistance. See additional information about computers and printing.

Holman Library Second Floor MapSecond Floor Map

Group Study Rooms

Holman Library Group Study Room

There are three group study rooms available on a first-come, first-served basis to small groups of students. Located on the second floor.

Library Classrooms (HL 213 & HL 217)

The library classrooms in HL 213 & HL 217 are Silent Zones. No talking or cell phone use, please. The classrooms are open computing labs when no class is in session. Located on the second floor. For additional information, please read the Room HL 213 & Room HL 217 Use policy. (Library Policies)

Holman Library Classroom (HL213)