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Cost and Assistance

What does Running Start Cost?

The Running Start program covers up to 15 credits of tuition for college level courses (courses numbered 100+), depending on the number of classes taken at the high school. However, there are associated costs with participating in the program, as outlined below.

  • COMPASS assessment fee
  • Books and supplies:  Costs vary per quarter, according to class schedule (average for a full time student: $300 per quarter). Running Start offers book assistance for qualifying students (see "Cost Assistance" tab).
  • Quarterly fees associated with tuition: Facilities fee, Technology fee, Student Center fee, and Special Services fee. There is waiver of Quarterly Registration Fees for qualifying students.
  • Class fees: Costs vary per quarter according to enrollment (see Quarterly Class Schedule for details)
  • Application for graduation fee: $20 (degree and/or certificate)

Running Start students may choose to enroll in classes that are below college level (any course that begins with the number ‘0') or development classes (English 100 or Read 104). Enrollment in these courses is separate from the Running Start program and as such, students are responsible for full tuition for those courses. For example, if a student enrolls in Math 097, the student will be charged tuition for the class according to their residency and the per-credit rate applied for credits between 1 and 10 (See Tuition and Fees). Additionally, Running Start students who enroll in more than 15 credits will be charged tuition for the 16th credit and beyond.

Running Start has a Book Assistance program for students who qualify. Students may borrow books or have a portion of their books paid for (see "Cost Assistance" tab).

Note: All tuition and fees are subject to change.

Cost Assistance

Quarterly Registration Fee Waiver & Book Assistance

Running Start students may apply for waiver of their Quarterly Fees associated with tuition, as well as the Book Assistance program if they meet the below eligibility criteria. Applications are available in the Running Start Office, LSC building, Room 126 or may be requested by phone at 253.833.9111, ext. 2643 or email at:

Applications may not be submitted any later than the Friday before the first day of the quarter in which the student is seeking waiver and book assistance and it is not retroactive to previous quarters. The application is submitted once a year.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You are eligible for the Free or Reduced Lunch program in the district you are enrolled through.
  • You are a foster youth.
  • Your family falls within the "income cutoff chart" established by the state in awarding state need grants (SNG) as noted below:

Median Family Income (2011-2012 State Need Grant Program)

Family Size Gross Income
1 $21,000
2 $28,000
3 $34,500
4 $41,000
5 $47,500
6 $54,000
7 $55,000
8 $56,500
9 $57,500
10 $59,000
11+ If your family size is more than 10, please ask a staff member for an expanded list.

Cost Assistance Policy

In order to participate in the Cost Assistance program, you must agree to the following terms:

  • You may not sell the book(s) back to the Bookstore.
  • You will be held accountable for the condition of the book(s). The expectation is the book(s) will be returned in good condition (i.e., the cover is intact, all pages are accounted for, it is not written in or excessively highlighted, etc.).
  • You may only use Cost Assistance funds for books approved by Running Start staff.
  • Cost Assistance funds are not guaranteed every quarter. Funding may fluctuate depending on availability, and is awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
  • You will submit an application for Cost Assistance at the beginning of each academic year you are enrolled in the Running Start Program and wish to receive Cost Assistance.
  • You will return your book(s) no later than the lst day of the quarter.
  • Students may not use Cost Assistance account for any other bookstore purchase (i.e. optional text, optional supplies, food, gifts, etc.). The student is responsible for verifying which book(s) or supplies are required.