Running Start


Green River has one of the largest Running Start programs in Washington. We appreciate your diligence in working with your students to participate in the program. Here you will find useful information to help you better serve your students. Please let us know if there is anything we can add to this page to make it more comprehensive. 


Getting Started

1. Apply for Admission Online

Prior to taking the COMPASS assessment, apply for admission to Green River College. It is ideal to apply at least a few days prior to taking the COMPASS in order to allow time for application processing.

2. Take the COMPASS Assessment

The Assessment and Testing Center is located in the Zgolinski Welcome Center. Students must bring picture ID! Students will receive scores upon completion of the assessment; students must meet eligibility criteria to participate in the Running Start Program.

3. Obtain Running Start Enrollment Verification Form

Students will bring their scores to you; you complete your section of the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form. This form a) releases students from high school so they can attend Green River, and b) informs Green River about the amount of credits they are released to take in the Running Start program. This form must be turned in each quarter in order to participate in the Running start program. A parent/guardian must sign it, even if the student is over 18!

Home School Students: All home school students must contact their local high school/district to seek instructions on enrollment procedures, which may differ from district to district. All home school students must also turn in the Running Start Enrollment Verification Form every quarter. Make sure a parent/guardian signs it, even if you are over 18!

4. Submit Running Start Enrollment Verification Form

Students submit the completed Running Start Enrollment Verification Form to the Zgolinski Welcome Center. Upon submission of their paperwork, they will sign up for a mandatory Running Start Orientation.

5. Attend Running Start Orientation

Students must sign up for a Running Start Orientation (which are provided on a first-come basis). During the orientation session, you will register for classes and learn specific information about attending college as a Running Start student.

Important Dates

It is the student's responsibility to stay up to speed on registration dates and deadlines. Below are those important dates:

Fall 2015

  • Registration begins: May 5 for returning students and May 18 for new students
  • Orientations begin: May 18
  • Registration deadline: September 14
  • Fall quarter starts: September 21
  • Last day of fall quarter: December 11
  • Grades available to students online: December 17

Winter 2016

  • Registration begins: November 10 for returning students and November 23 for new students
  • Orientations for new students begin November 23
  • Registration deadline: December 28
  • Winter quarter starts: January 4
  • Last day of winter quarter: March 18
  • Grades available to students online: March 24

You may also find the quarterly calendars helpful: 

Fall 2015

Winter 2016

Spring 2016


Below are links to the most commonly used forms:

  • Fee Waiver and Book Assistance Application: Running Start students may apply for waiver of their quarterly fees associated with tuition as well as the Book Assistance program if they meet the eligibility criteria on the form. Applications must be submitted no later than the Friday before the quarter starts in the Running Start office (LC 126) to receive books. Applications may be submitted after that, but books will not be available. Only one application per year is required and is not retroactive to previous quarters.
  • Registration/Change of Schedule Form: Students must fill out and submit an add/drop form with instructor's signature after the third day of the quarter. This form can be turned in to Enrollment Services (LC, second floor). Otherwise, registration occurs online.
  • FERPA Waiver: Running Start students have the same rights and responsibilities as any other college student. All student educational records are maintained according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Only your name, dates of enrollment, and degrees earned can be released without your authorization. You may fill out the FERPA Waiver form and turn it in to the Running Start office (LC 126) to give the Running Start staff permission to discuss your records with a designated person/s.
  • Running Start Enrollment Verification Form: This form must be completed by the counselor and student each quarter, and turned in to the Running Start office (LC 126) in order to register. Please submit it at least two weeks prior to registration to allow processing time. **Remember parent/guardian signature is REQUIRED, even if the student is 18 or older**
  • Graduation Application: Complete this form, attach a degree audit, and turn it in to the Cashier's Office with $20 approximately six months prior to completion of your associate degree.   


Myth: Students need to save one high school graduation requirement for spring of their senior year.

Busted: Students need to save a high school graduation requirement for just fall of their senior year. Eligibility for the year is determined at the beginning of the school year, in September. As long as a student starts the school year needing a graduation requirement, they are eligible for the entire year.


Running Start provides a selection of workshops to help students succeed in college. Workshop topics include:

  • Information session – This information session is open to all prospective Running Start students and their families.
  • Mandatory Planning Workshop – This workshop is mandatory for all Running Start students taking ten or more credits. Students attend after completing a Running Start Orientation. We will cover associate degrees offered, how to choose a degree and efficiently plan classes, how degrees transfer, and students will start a degree plan.
  • Senior workshop – Seniors will learn about the college application process, financial aid, scholarships, and finishing up at Green River. 

District Equivalency Guides

Below you will find information on Green River classes students may take to meet specific diploma requirements. The high school is the authority in granting their diploma. We encourage students to consult with their counselor (vs. their peers) about graduation requirements and course equivalencies when in doubt.

Students may come to you for a list of classes to take if your district is not listed above.