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Current Students

Running Start students

Registration for summer and fall quarters begins May 6! Make sure to submit your verification form to the Running Start Office by May 2nd for priority processing. If you have a block on your records, please call us as soon as possible. 

Keep yourself up-to-date on important information while in Running Start. Don't hesitate to contact the program if you have questions at: or (253) 833-9111, ext. 2643. Additionally, you can sign up to receive text reminders by texting @running to (253) 348-2203.

Don't forget to check your student email account often!  Access your student email account here.


Academic Standards

In order for Running Start participants to remain eligible for the program, students must make satisfactory academic progress. Each quarter, student transcripts are reviewed to ensure this is happening. Students must demonstrate satisfactory progress by:

  1. Earning a minimum 2.0 quarterly grade point average, and
  2. Completing all enrolled credit.
    • Failure to earn credit in coursework results in an "I", "NC", "W" or a grade below a 1.0 on the transcript.
    • Students have a small window of opportunity to withdraw from a class and not have it post to their permanent transcript: follow the important deadlines published in the quarterly class schedule to remain informed.

Students have three opportunities to demonstrate satisfactory progress. Any third quarter of not meeting standard will result in dismissal from the Green River Running Start program.

Running Start Academic Standards

District Equivalency Guides

Below you will find information on Green River classes you may take to meet specific diploma requirements. The high school is always the authority in granting their diploma-when in doubt about a requirement and for the most current information, consult your counselor to be assured you are properly meeting diploma requirements. Additionally, make sure you are selecting classes according to your district's requirements (vs. what a friend may enroll in), as each district may allow for different equivalencies.

If you do not see your district listed, contact your high school counselor for class equivalencies.

Please note: Though your high school may accept a variety of classes to meet a particular requirement, if you are a student athlete and plan to compete post-high school, you should meet with your high school counselor to make sure you are selecting classes that will meet NCAA requirements.


The registration process for: fall quarter begins in May; winter quarter in November; and spring quarter in February. Pay close attention to the timeline below to ensure you get the classes you want.  

Before you register

  • Five weeks into the quarter - check your registration access time: Visit online services to check the day and time you can register for classes.
  • Three weeks prior to registration: See your high school counselor or district office for an Enrollment Verification Form. Ensure it is completed, including your signature and a parent/guardian signature. Turn this form in to the Running Start office (LC 126) at least two weeks prior to registration to ensure enough processing time. Incomplete forms will delay your registration. You can plan your schedule prior to submitting your form through Schedule Planner.
  • If you're on academic "alert" or "probation": You must contact a Running Start advisor prior to registering online; your records are blocked until you do so. Call (253) 833-9111, ext. 2643 or 2641 for an appointment, or email Refer to your Running Start Responsibility Agreement for details.

Register for classes online

  • Use the Schedule Planner tool to help you look for open classes.
  • You can also register by logging in if you know the four digit item number of the class you want to take.
  • It will be helpful to utilize the following tools when selecting courses:
    • Your Enrollment Verification form will tell you what classes you need for graduation. 
    • The District Equivalency guide (located in the previous tab) will help you figure out which classes will satisfy a high school requirement.
    • The college catalog has course descriptions.
    • degree planning sheet will give you ideas of classes to take for high school electives so you can work toward a degree.
  • Don't forget to pay fees (and tuition, if any) within FOUR business days of registering for classes.
  • Remember to buy books for next quarter and consider selling your textbooks for the current quarter to the bookstore.

Tips for a successful quarter

Thinking about taking an online class?

Check out our tip sheet to help you succeed in the online environment.

online course tip sheet

Plan Your Degree

It is possible to graduate from high school with an associate degree at the same time. This takes careful planning, so be sure to meet with a Running Start advisor for help with this. You can make an appointment with an advisor by calling (253) 833-9111, ext. 2641 or by emailing


  • Degrees and programs : find the right degree and its requirements.
  • College Transfer Center : Get resources for transferring to a university, including transfer equivalency guides, information on university reps visiting, and other important events
  • The college catalog: is helpful for course descriptions, degrees offered, and academic policies
  • The annual schedule: find out when classes will be offered throughout the year
  • Running Start Degree Planning Workshop: Learn how to choose a degree based on what you want to study, the ins and out of transferring to a university, and start planning for future quarters.

Quarter on a Page

Check out the spring quarter calendar for Running Start students.

Managing Your Study Time

There are only so many hours in a day, a week, and a term. You cannot change the number of hours, but you can decide how to best use them. To be successful in school, you must carefully manage your study time. Here is a strategy for doing this. - Read more about managing your study time. (PDF)

Life After Running Start

It’s never too early to start planning for life beyond high school and the Running Start program! Here are some things to consider as you attend classes at Green River:

  • Think about the career you want to have in the future; that will drive the degree you pursue. From there, find the prerequisites for your degree and work with a Running Start advisor to plan your path!
  • If you’re undecided about your career or major, you might want to take a career assessment. Find details at our Career Planning Services page.
  • Often students continue at Green River after graduating from high school to complete an associate degree. You will continue taking classes as usual, but you don’t have to submit an enrollment verification form. We recommend meeting with an advisor to plan the completion of your degree.
  • Know the deadlines for applying to the college you wish to transfer to.
  • Apply for financial aid early!
    • You can start applying for scholarships in your junior and senior year. Start at our money for college page to find links to scholarship search engines.
    • In addition to scholarships, you need to apply for financial aid each year you’re in college (after you graduate from high school). Apply for FAFSA and supplemental financial aid applications in January of your senior year and every year you’re in college.
  • You will need to apply for graduation ($20) a few quarters in advance; the application can be found online.
  • An official transcript can be requested online for transferring or job searches. 


Below are links to the most commonly used forms:

  • Fee Waiver and Book Loan Application: Running Start students may apply for waiver of their quarterly fees associated with tuition as well as the Book Loan Program if they meet the eligibility criteria on the form. Applications must be submitted no later than the Friday before the quarter starts in the Running Start office (LC 126) to receive books. Applications may be submitted after that, but books will not be available. Only one application per year is required and is not retroactive to previous quarters.
  • Registration/Change of Schedule: Students must fill out and submit an add/drop form with instructor's signature after the third day of the quarter. This form can be turned in to Enrollment Services (LC, second floor). Otherwise, registration occurs online.
  • FERPA Waiver: Running Start students have the same rights and responsibilities as any other college student. All student educational records are maintained according to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). Only your name, dates of enrollment, and degrees earned can be released without your authorization. You may fill out the FERPA Waiver form and turn it in to the Running Start office (LC 126) to give the Running Start staff permission to discuss your records with a designated person/s.
  • Running Start Enrollment Verification Form: This form must be completed by your counselor and you each quarter, and turned in to the Running Start office (LC 126) in order to register. Please submit it at least two weeks prior to registration to allow processing time. **Remember parent/guardian signature is REQUIRED, even if you are 18 or older**
  • Graduation Application: Complete this form, attach a degree audit, and turn it in to the Cashier's Office with $20 approximately six months prior to completion of your associate degree.