Study Abroad


London, England
Fall Quarter 2016
September 23 - December 2, 2016

Earn 15 Green River credits!
Students will take courses that keep them on track with their academic goals while being immersed in British culture.

London is an exciting city, famous for its museums, architecture, history, theater and drama.  London is also a great gateway to Europe and a European center of culture, commerce and fashion. 

This program is offered every other year.

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GRCC students in London

Humanities: British Life and Culture - 5 credits
Taught by local faculty

Students will explore areas of contemporary British life including entertainment, sport, politics, religion, social problems and Britain's changing role in an increasingly interdependent world. There will be field trips, walking tours and guest lectures from experts in a variety of fields.


Students will all take the Humanites course and select two other courses from the following:


English: Creative Writing I - 5 credits
"Our Words Worth"

In this class, students will be taking their place in a long line of writers who have drawn inspiration from this city--its sights, its sounds, its people.  Students will explore other writer's visions of London (in poetry and short fiction), with the goal of giving students a full range of tools to express their own visions.

More than just technical know-how, though, students will leave this class with a dynamic record of their time abroad.  The term's work will be spent spinning the straw of their daily experiences into the gold of their writing.  Their final portfolios will offer proof of the fact that there is no inspiration quite like travel, and no destination quite like London.


English: Introduction to Shakespeare - 5 credits
"Shakespeare: On the Scene"
He may have come from Stratford, but Shakespeare made his name in London.  The Globe Theatre, which sits on the banks of the Thames, is one such sign of the Bard's legacy.  But a closer look reveals that Shakespeare drew his inspiration from many parts of London: its people, its places, and--importantly--it's politics.  That inspration resulted in a host of plays, including Richard II, Henry IV (Parts I and II), Henry V, and Richard III.  The class will explore these works together, overcoming the challenge of Shakespeare's language to focus on the scheming, striving, and plotting that dominates these stories, drawn from the real-life of London's history.

When possible, students will venture into the city to visit the scenes of these stories, from the Tower of London to the taverns of Eastcheap.  The goal is to transform the plays from two-dimensional puzzles lying flat on the page into three-dimensional experiences, filled with meaning and relevance for today's day and age.


History - 20th Century Europe -Revolutions in the Modern World - 5 credits

In this course students will look at the long term causes of revolutions.  They will study the forces that produce significant changes in a nation's social, economic, or political ideas and institutions.

In particular, students will look at the Industrial Revolution in the U.K., exploring how and why it was a precursor to our modern day technology.  In addition, students will discuss the Hard Times (Charles Dickens) that came with the Industrial Revolution and the beginnings of the era of Romanticism. The class will integrate history, politics, art and literature.  This course may include a tour of the British Financial Center, The British Library, The London Docks, the house that Dickens lived in, and a visit to the British Museum to view the various exhibits of this era.


Political Science - Comparative Government - 5 credits

How do societies and cultures organize their political, economic, and social lives?  Through comparison of political systems, students discover uniques characteristics, challenges and opportunities as well as how political authority operates focusing on policy process, the economy, the role of citizens, and overall performance in a time of globalization.  This course looks at the similarities and differences in the domestic political systems of different states and the theoretical debates which seek to explain them.  The emphasis of this course will be the U.K. and the United States political systems. The course will also delve into a comparison of public policy issues like education, healthcare, and immigration in the U.K., and U.S. students will most likely attend a session of the Parliament and watch the question time of the British Prime Minister.  A visit to local schools and non-profit organizations will also be included.


Class choices are on a first-come, first serve basis, with the earliest applicaton date getting priority.


Classes will be held at the University of London in Bloomsbury.  You will have the opportunity to meet British students as well as other international students in this college area of London.

You will have access to the AIFS (American Institute of Foreign Study) Student Centre and the services of an experienced AIFS Program Coordinator,  AIFS Student Advisors, for information, personal advising/counseling, fax and mail service, and emergency contact service.

Students will have access to the wireless enabled student computer lab located in the AIFS Centre with free internet access and printing facilities.

Membership to the University of London is included, which gives access to the Union subsidized rates to sports facilities and the opportunity to join University of London clubs and class activities.


Accommodations are provided in a twin room in a homestay within a residential neighborhood in the inner 3 zones of the London transport system.  Continental breakfast (cereals, toast, tea/coffee) will e provided in the homestay five days a week (Monday through Friday) and dinner four days per week (Monday through Thursday).  Students will have access to the kitchen for the preparation of any other meals.

AIFS will offer a meal money program whereby students can lodge money (in sterling) at the beginning of the quarter and receive it back every two weeks throughout the program.  Information will be included in the student information packet and discussed at the pre-departure orientation meeting.


Get to know London on a half-day panoramic city tour with a private motorcoach.  The Guide will highlight cultural and historical sights such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace and the West End.  Although no entrances are included, there are opportunities to stop and take photos.

A subsidized cultural program of events, including 5 Friday daytrips, which may include Oxford, Stonehenge, Salisbury, Bath, Brighton and Stratford Upon Avon, 4 theatre events, a football or rugby match, and a walking tour will be available to students.

Independent Travel:  Use your free weekends to travel Europe's great cities and resorts including Paris, Amsterdam and Edinburgh.

London Transport travel pass, valid for unlimited use on buses and underground trains in zones 2 and 3 are provided for the duration of the program.

Program Fees

The program fee is $7,395.  This fee includes a $50 non-refundable application fee.

This fee will include accommodations in a twin room in a homestay, meals as indicated in the "Accommodations" section, London transport pass for zones 1, 2 and 3, two-day orientation program consisting of an orientation meeting with AIFS staff, workshops on cultural differences, safety/security and travel, student information packet including comprehensive student handbook; local area inforamtion; welcome reception and a half-day guided sightseeing tour of London by private coach.

This fee excludes airfare, a refundable damage deposit, optional medical insurance upgrade and optional personal effects coverage passport or visa fees if applicable, meals other than those indicated on the itinerary, personal expenses, tuition, textbooks, additional field trips or excursions required by faculty and anything not specified.

Financial Aid 
Many students are eligible to apply for financial aid, grants and loans to assist with the costs of the London program. Early application is essential.  Contact your home institution's financial aid office promptly if you are interested in this possibility.  Be sure to identify yourself as a potential London program participant.  Additional information on minimum payments due and payment deadlines can be found on the program application.

Optional Transportation Package 
On a space-available basis, students may purchase the optional transportation package consisting of round-trip airfare (Seattle-London-Seattle) and round-trip transfers overseas between the airport and the housing in London for an additional fee, which excludes mandatory U.S. government and airline-imposed departure taxes, fees and fuel surcharges for which students will be billed separately.

Optional Scotland Excursion  
An optional five-day, four-night excursion to Scotland may be offered for a supplemental fee.   


Application Process


Students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher are eligible to apply. Transcripts are required. Minimum age is 18 (17 with parental permission).

You do not need to be a current Green River College student to participate in this program.

For more information please contact:

Cindy Card,
Program Coordinator
Green River College
Phone: (253) 833-9111, ext. 2160
Fax: (253) 288-3419