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New Diversity Course Requirement

Because diversity is a value integral to Green River's mission, associates of art degree seeking students who begin their program of study in the Fall 2011 will be required to take a diversity course to fulfill their degree requirements.

Find Diversity Course information here.

View "Degree Planning Sheets" below for a list of Green River's transferable associate degrees. These degrees are intended to prepare students to transfer to a four-year college or university. Some of these degrees also include prerequisites for specific majors to assist students in being more ‘major ready’ prior to transferring.

If you have questions regarding these degree options or would like additional assistance in developing an academic plan, please contact your international program advisor (ext. 3300), TRIO advisor (ext. 2655), Faculty Advisor, or an educational planner in the Career & Advising Center (ext. 2641).


Degree Planning Sheets

University Transfer FAQ's

How do I know my Green River Credits will Transfer to a four year school?

Green River College is fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities as well as by several other discipline-related bodies. The College has completed numerous evaluation processes and has been recognized for performance, integrity and quality. Additionally Green River is a member of the Inter-College Relations Commission (ICRC), and the following degrees comply with their recommendations for transfer degrees within Washington State: AA-DTA, AB-DTA, AM-DTA and AS-T.

Usually your courses will be accepted by other institutions offering the same (or similar) courses. However, each institution has its own transfer policy and transferability should never be assumed, it is your responsibility to check by consulting the cataloge or website of the school you intend to transfer into.  You will also want to discuss your University and major choices with your Green River academic advisor. 

What is a Direct Transfer Agreement or DTA?

A DTA is the additional assurance you deserve to ensure your work at Green River can get you to the University program you are working towards. The Inter-College Relations Commission (ICRC) developed a DTA with Washington Community Colleges. This ensures that students who complete a designated direct transfer AA degree at a community college will have satisfied all or most of the general education (or core) requirements at the various four-year institutions in the state. For most AA and AS students, this means that students can begin work on their specialized, major-area course work as soon as they transfer.

What about courses with grade of "Pass"?

“Pass/Fail” course evaluations generally do not transfer to four year schools, especially to count toward a major area of study. However, each institution has its own transfer policy and transferability should never be assumed. It is your responsibility to check transferability, but we are here to help.

What does it mean to be Major Ready?

Universities often recommend applicants from community college to be “Major Ready.” This means that by the time you apply for admissions to your transfer institution of choice, you have taken most of the core classes and prerequisites for the degree you are seeking and are ready to focus on those specific to your area of study, or major. 

Green River strongly recommends that you meet with both your community college advisor and an advisor from the institution you wish to go to verify course selections so that admission s requirements specific to your degree of choice are met when you are ready to apply.

How many credits can I transfer?

Most four year institutions will accept a maximum of 90 credits.

How do I contact an Advisor?

Contact the office below that most reflects your needs:

  • International Program Advisor: ext 3300
  • TRIO Advisor: ext 2655
  • Faculty Advisor
  • or contact an educational planner in the Career and Advising Center (ext:2641)

Washington 45

In 2011 the Washington State legislature passed a bill requiring that each Community and Technical College (CTC) within the state create a list of courses that will satisfy forty-five general education requirements at any public university in the state.

The Washington 45 document attached here documents the courses offered by Green River College that satisfy this requirement, along with more specific conditions.

This does not supersede any other agreements with universities. Students are strongly advised to work with both their Green River advisor and an advisor at the school they wish to transfer to regarding any transferability of credits.

College Transfer Center

The online College Transfer Center provides students with resources and information to help make the transfer process a seamless transition.