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Helping Students Gain Successful Job Search Skills

The Job Search Center provides Green River students, alumni and community members with a wealth of online resources to help them create winning résumés, write effective cover letters, prepare and practice for interviews, and to implement successful job search strategies (see our Job Search Resources).

For faculty, the Job Search Center staff offers classroom presentations, and print and online curriculum resources designed to assist them in their efforts to help students prepare for the transition from school to work.



"Thank you so much for all your help. I am really glad I took the time to visit Job Search Center. I finally feel like I know what I am doing when I apply for a job. I truly appreciate all of the hard work and effort you put into revising my cover letter and resume." Inessa B.

"Thank you Job Search Center staff! Your dedication to helping me enhance my resume, write a strong cover letter, improve my interviewing skills, and target my job search, helped me land a great job." Tuyen V.

"The Job Search Center is a great resource. They helped me to enhance my resume and develop the confidence to be successful in my job search." Jen K.

"I am really grateful for the assistance I received from the Job Search Center staff. I am currently employed as a direct result of an internship they helped me obtain." Cynthia W.

"I really owe this department a lot. I don't think I'd have this job without Job Search Center's help." Sammy L.

"The staff is very helpful, pleasant and efficient. I wouldn't be working now if it weren't for their help." Avivette C.

"I was discussing with my roommate how the Job Seach Center's services are beyond reproach, and how your staff has been such a big help with resume enhancement and mock interviewing, and in helping us secure gainful employment. I can testify that a good resume and proper interview preparation will get you job. After you updated and improved our resumes, we could not keep up with the calls and emails from recruiters for interviews. We had to turn a few down . . . and we're still getting calls to this day." Lance J.

"I ended up getting a job! You helped me fix my resume and gave me great advice. I want to say thank you, I really appreciated your help!" Keith S.

Find a Job

Register with Green River's online, job board, GatorJobs. Note: The Job Search Center does not manage on-campus employment. For Work Study positions, contact Financial Aid. For temporary, full- and part-time on-campus jobs, contact Green River Human Resources.

Post a Job

Employers interested in providing job opportunities for Green River students are invited to create a company profile and post positions through the website and to participate in career and employment fairs.

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