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For Faculty

Staff supports faculty by offering job search-related classroom presentations (see below), as well as other Job Search Resources that can be incorporated into the curriculum.
Our staff can also help to coordinate internship and cooperative educational opportunities for students. For more information about presentation topics and other available resources, please contact us.


Classroom Presentations

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Create a winning résumé

Invite one of our job search specialists to conduct an in-class presentation on how to create a winning résumé, or beef up a current one.

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Write an effective cover letter

A good cover letter can greatly enhance a student's prospects for landing a job interview. Our job search specialists can provide a classroom presentation on writing an effective cover letter.

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Prepare for a Job Interview

Job interviews can be intimidating. But they don't have to be. Our classroom presentation on interviewing can help students learn how to improve their performance and success. We can also assist faculty to arrange for mock interviews to help students practice the skills they've learned.

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You can send the staff an e-mail by using the link below.