Job Search Center

For Students and Alumni

The Job Search Center offers an assortment of resources to assist students and alumni to prepare for and conduct a successful job search.

View our information-packed tutorials on Resumes That Get Results, and The Interviewing Game. Find answers to some common FAQs below, or check out our Job Search Resources for additional information, insights and advice from the experts.


How do I create a winning resume?

Watch our tutorial Resumes That Get Results, and utilize the following resources to help you with the process: résumé worksheet, writing descriptive skill statementsaction word list, and rules for effective resumes. You will also find sample resumes and resume building tips sheets by visiting our Job Search Resources section.

How do I write an effective cover letter?

A good cover letter can greatly enhance your prospects for landing a job interview. To help you compose a professional cover letter, read crafting effective cover letters and see other helpful resources, including sample cover letters, in our Job Search Resources section.

How do I prepare for a job interview?

Job interviews can be intimidating. Watch our short online tutorial The Interviewing Game to help you understand how to prepare and perform well in a job interview. Other helpful interviewing-related articles can be found in our Job Search Resources section. You're also welcome to contact us to inquire about scheduling a mock interview session.

Can you help me find a job?

Green River maintains an online job bank for students and alumni. Create an online account on GatorJobs to enable you to search our database of current job and internship openings, or visit our Job Search Resources section for links to other job search tools and job boards.

How do I deal with unique employment situations?

  • Are you an individual with a disability who is unsure about when and if to disclose it to a potential employer?
  • Are you uncertain about how to ask for workplace accommodations?
  • Do you have a criminal record and wonder how, when and if to disclose this information on a job application or during an interview?

Contact the staff for some helpful resource materials or to schedule an appointment to learn the best approaches to these sensitive issues.

Road Trip Nation

What if I don't know what career to pursue?

For an entertaining and motivational escape from your coursework or your search for the perfect job, visit the RoadTrip Nation website and travel with other college students across the nation and around the world as they seek inspiration and confirmation of their career choices by interviewing successful career professionals.