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Internships/Cooperative Education

More than 100 Green River students participate in credit-earning internships and cooperative education field experiences each quarter. For many, completing an internship is a requirement for their degrees. Most programs of study also allow students the option of participating in an internship for elective credit, which means students can seek internship opportunities in most any field.

These internship opportunities are a valuable learning experience for students, and they look great on a résumé, Employers who’ve developed well-organized internship programs will tell you there is no better way to find outstanding new workers – meaning students who participate in internships often have an inside track to job openings within the company they intern with.

Each quarter, Green River students seek internship/cooperative education opportunities in a wide variety of fields, including:

Accounting Drafting
Administrative Assisting Engineering
Art Forensic Technology
Autobody GIS
Automotive Technology Information Technology
Aviation Journalism
Business Accounting Legal Office Assisting
Business Technologies and Administrative Careers Medical Office Administration
Business Marketing & Entrepreneurship Natural Resources
Communications Occupational Therapy Assistant
Criminal Justice Physical Therapy Assistant
Court Reporting Welding


If you would like to participate in an internship/cooperative education opportunity, contact Leander Yazzie at 253-833-9111 ext. 2299, or by email at