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The Community, Leadership, Education and Outreach (CLEO) program, is a unique opportunity within the Washington community college system for self-motivated, hard-working students to challenge themselves and gain substantial work experiences. Qualified students learn valuable lessons with hands-on experience in managing a program while at the same time earning money. Each position assumes responsibility for planning, organizing, budgeting, and implementing activities to meet the varied needs of Green River students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities. During the Summer participants spend a portion of their time in workshops and training sessions that supplement their on-the-job training. Training also focuses on the communications skills necessary for the CLEO members to become student ambassadors for the college. The experience and abilities gained in this program have helped many CLEO members move on to highly successful careers. Applications are available in Student Life for the upcoming 2015/2016 year. Please review the application submission process and requirements here. They are due March 31, 2015. Stop by to pick one up or print one from here.


Meet the Programmers

Artist & Speaker Coordinator

  • Julia Olsen

Clubs & Oranizations Coordinator

  • Sharon Wu

Diversity Services Student Coordinator

  •  Ariana Anjaz

International Student Activities Programmer

  •  Risqa Syakhroza

International Student Ambassador

  • Daniel Hsu
  •  Joonmo Hong
  •  Kamilah Escalona
  •  Mamta Melwani
  •  Tyler Lu

Intramurals Coordinator

  •  Maria Notch

Music and Entertainment Coordinator

  • Justus Phelps

Office Manager/Promotions Coordinator

  •  Kristy Goh

Outdoor Programs Coordinator

  •  Kevin Kim

Resident Assistant

  •  Carley Eggers
  •  Izzy Hicks
  •  Kateama Luli
  •  Lukas Engelking
  •  Ready Liao
  •  Shah Mohammed
  • Tae Hwan Cho

Special Events Coordinator

  • Marc Bautista

Volunteer/Student Outreach Coordinator

  •  Aly Castaneda

Get Involved

There are many opportunities for you to participate in activities and volunteer at various events. Come to the Student Life Office to find out how to be involved!

Applications are available and due by March 31st! Please review the application process and requirements.  Pick one up in Student Life or click here.

Contact Us

Melisa Williams
Director of Student Services Leadership & Involvement
Student Life Office
(253) 833-9111 ext 2415

Story Gilmore 
Coordinator for Student Leadership & Involvement
Student Life Office
(253) 833-9111 ext 2404 

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