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Interested students are encouraged to apply for an appointed position or run for office. Everyone is encouraged to vote during elections. The ASGRCC president, vice president and chief justice offices are located in the Student Life Office. Stop by and see them. Student Government meetings are every Wednesday and Thursday from 12-1 p.m. in the Emerald City Room in the Mel Lindbloom Student Union. Meetings are open, if you want to get involved come to any meeting and learn how you can make a difference on campus.

As an integral part of the college structure, the ASGRCC handles student complaints, provides funding for campus clubs, athletics and activities and provides reports about student needs and welfare directly to the College Administration and Board of Trustees.

For your resources, we would like to provide the Green River ASGRCC Constitution and Bylaws.

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ASGRCC President

Ridwan Ibrahim

Ridwan Ibrahim

Al salaam 'Alaykom. My name is Ridwan Ibrahim and this is my second, going into my third, year at Green River. I am Somali, born in Kenya. My family and I moved to the U.S. when I was around the age of six. My major is International Studies. I am extremely honored to be your 2015-2016 Student Body President as we celebrate our 50th year anniversary this year at Green River. For the past 4 quarters I have been working in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as an office assistant and as well as a Peer Navigator. Working in the ODEI office has helped me grow as a person and it's taught me a lot.

I am extremely even more excited for this upcoming year to be in the position that I am now and to know that I have all these ideas and goals in mind that I want to present to the student body is even more amazing. My main goal for this year is to help bridge the gap between domestic and international students as much as possible. I will also do my best to connect with communities and other technical colleges to help collaborate, get ideas and connect with their schools. Feel free to come up to me at any time, I'm always willing to help and love meeting new people!


ASGRCC Vice-President

Lavina Tang

Lavina Tang

Hi! My name is Lavina and I am an international student from Singapore. I came to America in order to pursue a higher education in anthropology. I'm passionate about cultures- even starting the "Culture Club" on campus- and am fluent in English, Mandarin, and Japanese. As the vice-president, my responsibility is to serve, representing the student body and address student concerns. My goals are to diversify the school- to bring together the different cultures which already exist on campus and mix them together, to bridge the gap between administration and students and get more students involved on campus. If anyone has any concerns regarding anything on campus, do feel free to come up to me and I will try my absolute best to resolve any issues you face.


Chief Justice

Connor Theisen

Connor Theisen

Hi! My name is Connor Theisen and I am your 2015-16 ASGRC Chief Justice. I grew up here in Auburn Washington and graduated from Auburn Mountainview High School. After high school I toured in a signed band and traveled extensively. I've played drums my entire life and music is a great passion of mine. I am also an Eagle Scout and love the outdoors. I am committed to helping people, so let me know if there is any way I can help or improve your experience at Green River College!


Our Budget

S & A Fee Budget End of the Year Report

In accordance with RCW 28B.15.045 -- Intent -- 2012 c 104: "The legislature recognizes that students play an important role in recommending how services and activities fees should be expended, as the majority of members of the services and activities fees committee at each institution of higher education. It is the intent of the legislature to increase transparency, so that expenditures of revenue from services and activities fees are clearly visible and accessible to the students who pay those fees." [2012 c 104 § 1.]

The S&A Fee Budget at Green River is determined by students and staff. At every stage of the budget development, students are a majority on the committees involved.

ASGRCC has made available the end of the year report for S & A fee budgets in PDF format.

  • 2014-2015 budget

ASGRCC Financial Code

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