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Green River College International Programs

About Us


“Welcome to Green River College where student success is our number one priority. ” ...more

  • Wendy Lee Stewart
  • Vice President
  • Green River College

A great environment for study

Green River College is a two-year government supported college founded in 1965. More than 8,000 students study at Green River, with 1,750 international students from 63 countries. Green River is not only ranked #10 in international student enrollment among community colleges in the USA (IIE, 2015-2016), but was also a recipient of the prestigious Paul Simon Award for Internationalization.

Green River is a leader when it comes to the University Transfer Program, High School Completion Plus, Intensive English, and Gap Year. Green River prides itself on the great service it offers our students such as personal advising, on-campus student housing, student involvement activities, leadership opportunities and more.

Top 10 Reasons to choose Green River College

  1. A leader in university transfer
  2. Award winning college
  3. Individual advising to help you meet your goals
  4. On campus student housing
  5. Great programs including intensive English and high school completion
  6. Peer mentoring and leadership development programs
  7. Beautiful campus surrounded by forest and trees
  8. University Transfer Pathways agreements with over 30 four-year universities
  9. Active student life on campus
  10. New modern buildings and facilities

Virtual Tour


Student leaders organize many activities on and off campus.

  • On campus: clubs, sports, theater, student government, free concerts and more
  • Off-campus: hiking, skiing, snow boarding, camping, shopping, professional sports, and sightseeing to Canada, California, New York, Hawaii and more

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