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Green River College International Programs

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The Students' Voice

Find out what it's like to attend Green River College from the students themselves. We have bloggers and vloggers from nearly 10 different countries. Read, watch and listen to their experiences of everyday college life. Got questions about the college? Feel free to email them.


Adys Kardi Life at Green River
By Adys Kardi
Leavenworth Trip 2015
“One of the greatest perks of being a Green River student is, of course, the abundance of activities that the college offers.”
Kayleigh Devrij Adventures of a Dutch Girl
By Kayleigh De Vrij
The Netherlands
Winter Break Part Three: From Skiing to Jet Skiing
The reason for going to Florida was to see my family again. I had not seen them in about ten years so that was really incredible.
Kenta Nakatsuka グリーンリバーの日常
By Kenta Nakatsuka
今日で冬休みも最後(^ν^) 早く大学行きたいのやらもう少しだけ休みたいのやら、よく分からない心情( ̄▽ ̄) 実は、 冬休み入ってすぐに鉄道の旅に10日ほど行ってた!! ワシントン-オレゴン-カリフォルニア-アリゾナ-ニューメキシコ ってな感じで!
Haik Pijs La Dolce Vita
By Haik Pijs
The Netherlands
Hidden Pearls
To answer the first question many of you might have, No…I am not talking about literal hidden pearls. I would like to talk today about some really cool things I have been doing lately. ….
Dinara Issagaliyeva Казахстанская студентка в США
By Dinara Issagaliyeva
Первое волонтерство в Green River College!
Очень много разных ощущений после того, как понимаешь, что ты смог помочь чем-то миру и стать частью огромной организации World Vision!
Ace Lee 그린리버 컬리지 공식 블로그
By Ace Lee
S. Korea
라디오 첫녹음했어요!
그린리버 수업을 통해서 그린리버칼리지 의 라디오 DJ가 되었어요! 드디어 첫녹음이 끝났는데, 토요일 오전 9시~낮 12시에 방송되는 제 채널 들으러 와주세요~
Gouresh Kamble Green River Soccer
By Gouresh Kamble
United Kingdom
Green River starts off winter quarter in winning style
Both Green River teams started their winter season with a hard attitude.
Pascal Weber The German Explorer
By Pascal Weber
Snowy Leavenworth
Leavenworth is a village that is entirely modeled on a Bavarian one, many of the shop owners speak German.
Jiajie Xu 绿河学院的点点滴滴
By Jiajie Xu
以一个在校生的亲身经历,带领你体验在绿河学院的学习和娱乐生活。欢迎添加绿河学院的中国官方QQ账号: 2455969657,你将在第一时间获得关于绿河学院的信息。


Sasha Tarasova Alex Ride
By Sasha Tarasova
Snowshoeing Trip 2016
Green River College takes students up to Snowqualmie Pass for a snowshoeing adventure. Some of the students had never been in the snow before.
Ramon Peekel Onboard with Ramon
By Ramon Peekel
The Netherlands
Oregon it is!
Over the Thanksgiving Holidays I took a snowy trip to Oregon.

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