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Green River College International Programs

Advising Information

"As Green River's International Programs Advising Team, we strive to help you achieve your individual and educational goals. We are passionate about helping you succeed and enjoy a rewarding, American experience!"
group shot of advisors

From left: Adam Beals, Ellen Lambert, Kim Mucke, Andaiye Qaasim, Mim Phillips, and Sandra Spadoni. Meet your advisors

After you are admitted to Green River College, you will be assigned an advisor based on your major. Your advisor will send you a welcome email a few weeks before orientation. If you change majors during your studies at Green River, you may then change your advisor to the specialist for your area of study.

Making an Appointment

Regular Appointments

You can email your advisor for an appointment. You can also stop by our office to make an appointment with your advisor, or ask for help on many issues that can be taken care of by our front desk.

Examples of questions for regular appointments:

  • Degree planning
  • Transfer planning
  • Work authorization (OPT)
  • I-20 extensions or other immigration problems

Make an appointment with your advisor:

Drop-in Appointments

You can also ask to see an advisor for a drop-in appointment if you have a very quick question or if something is urgent and your regular advisor is not available. Our drop-in advising is usually done by a part-time advisor. What is a drop-in appointment?

Examples of questions for drop-in appointments:

  • Add/drop classes
  • Entry codes
  • Account blocks

Personal Statement Appointments

An International Student Advisor is available for scheduled 30 minute appointments to review personal statements. You can also visit the Green River Writing Center for assistance on a drop-in basis any weekday.

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