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Home Issue No 31 | Winter Quarter | February 2009


Important Information for our Students

Seattle at night.

Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.

Greetings from Seattle, Washington – USA! Winter Quarter is off to a fast start… Over one thousand international students are enrolled in the program this quarter. We are looking forward to you joining us in the future.

Important Dates

Spring Quarter
Housing move-in date March 23, 2009
Orientation March 24, 2009
Classes start March 30, 2009
Classes end June 15, 2009
Summer Quarter
Housing move-in date June 17, 2009
Orientation June 18, 2009
Classes start June 22, 2009
Classes end August 13, 2009

It's Easy to Apply to GRCC!

For complete information visit GRCC's Apply Now! page.

Green River Staff on the Road

MacKenzie Hizon MacKenzie Hizon
February 5-16, Nepal
March 5-16, Vietnam
Leo Harten Leo Harten
Our Recruitment Representative, is currently living in Indonesia. If you would like Leo to assist you with any promotional activities, please let us know. 

Early Registration for New Academic Students

We are very excited to be able to offer Early Registration for new international students qualified for direct entry into academic classes. Green River is one of the few US colleges to offer this special registration opportunity.

Pre-Registration helps you get the academic classes you want. At most colleges and universities, registration begins a month or two before classes start. Because most students are already registered, many of the popular classes are full before new international students even arrive.

With Green River’s Early Registration, advisors will register students for classes before they arrive, based on the student’s major. Pre-Registration will allow you to register for most, but probably not all of the classes you will take during your first quarter. You will be taking an English assessment test once you arrive at Green River. You will not be able to register for English classes until you take this test.

Following orientation, students will have a new student appointment with their assigned advisor. During that appointment, advisors will help students make an academic plan and choose classes that they will take during their time at Green River. 

To take advantage of Early Registration, submit your proof of academic level English proficiency as soon as possible. See the list of accepted proof of proficiency on our web site. As soon as we receive your proficiency you can begin the Early Registration process.


We are committed to delivering outstanding personal service to you and your students. We need your help to continually improve. Please send me your feedback and let us know how we can better serve you.

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