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Important Information for our Students


Green River students at Whistler.

Greetings Prospective Student,

Information in this section is designed to assist your transition to Green River Community College. You will find information on important dates, airport pick-up, dates you can meet with staff when they are in your country and information on the College Athletic Program.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions... Looking forward to meeting you soon at GRCC!

Michael McIntyre
Educational Planner, International Programs

Important Dates

Winter Quarter: December 2011 through March 2010
Classes end March 22, 2012
Spring Quarter: March through June 2012
Housing move-in date March 26, 2012
Orientation and testing begins March 27, 2012
Classes start April 2, 2012
Classes end June 15, 2012

Green River Has Many Resources to Assist You:

Educational Advisors: Every international student is assigned an educational advisor. They are an invaluable resource and provide a wealth of information for international students. Advisors provide assistance in developing educational goals, selecting classes and getting involved in the many activities and programs at the College. When it comes time to plan for transfer to a university they provide information that will help you identify the best options for your educational and professional goals and choose a university that meets your needs.

You will be contacted by your Educational Advisor about one month before the quarter begins. They will answer your questions and help with planning for arrival at the college and selecting courses for your initial quarter. Shortly after arriving on campus, you will be contacted by your advisor to set up a personal advising session. International Student Advisors are available to help you every step along the way to graduation!

Writing Center: The Writing Center is available to assist you in all stages of the writing process. If you have a question about grammar and usage or need help brainstorming ideas or focusing in essays - faculty and student tutors are there to help. There is no need to make an appointment, just drop by. The Center can help you improve in the areas you choose to work and make you feel more confident about your written work.

Math Center: The Math Center assists students in all areas of math. If you are struggling with math come to the center for individual tutoring, math videos, computers and other learning resources. All services are available free of charge to support students in their math studies to achieve success.

New videos!

Take a minute to view some new videos that tell about arrival, orientation and our new Foundation for Success program.

Green River Staff on the Road

Leo Harten Leo Harten
Our Recruitment Representative, is currently living in Indonesia. If you would like Leo to assist you with any promotional activities, please let us know. 

Important Contact Information

Visa confirmation:
Pre registration:
Emergency: (253) 740-8422

Let us Know How We Can Help

We are committed to delivering outstanding personal service to our students. We need your help to continually improve. Please send me your comments and let us know how we can better serve you:

Call, e-mail or visit us on the Web at Web: Call Today! (253) 288-3300
Phone: (253) 288-3300
Fax: (253) 931-6346
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