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Acknowledgement of Student Responsibility

Class Waitlist

Green River maintains waitlists for many courses when they become full. If an opening occurs in a class, the student at the top of the waitlist will be automatically enrolled in the class. Students are placed on waitlists on a first come, first served order.

The College notifies students by student email if enrolled into a class from the waitlist.

  • It is the student's responsibility to check their waitlist on a daily basis
  • Once registered into a class from the waitlist students have 4 business days to make payment (if after the tuition due date) and adjust their schedule, if necessary.
  • Students are responsible for making sure their schedule is accurate by dropping any unwanted classes. Failure to do so may result in a failing grade being posted to the transcript and possible additional tuition and fees.

The College will withdraw you from a class(es) if any of the following are true:

  • You are enrolled in two or more different sections of the same class
  • You have not met the prerequisites for the class
  • You have not paid tuition and fees within the specified deadline or signed up for the STEP payment plan


Check the Admission/Registration Calendar for tuition and STEP Payment Plan due dates. If tuition is not paid by the tuition due date, you will be withdrawn from classes for lack of payment. Any registration occurring after the tuition due date requires payment within 4 (four) business days. If a third party (i.e. GET, Boeing Training Vouchers, U.S. Military Tuition Assistance, etc.) is paying a student's tuition contact the Cashier's Office at (253) 833-9111 ext. 2050 to avoid being dropped from your classes. Check the Withdrawal & Refund Tuition Policy page for more details.

Degrees and Certificates

I understand that once I have completed the required coursework for my program of study, Green River College will post the certificate or degree to my transcript. It is my responsibility to verify that I am enrolled in the correct program of study. If I need to change my program of study, I will contact the Career and Advising Center (253) 833-9111, ext. 2641, or the Zgolinski Welcome Center (253)-833-9111, ext. 6000.