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Counseling Services

Counseling services are provided by licensed psychologists, social workers, and professional mental health therapists. We are here to help students by providing support to explore emotional concerns, developing new awareness and skills, and mobilizing their existing strengths, qualities and abilities. While some people who seek counseling have chronic emotional difficulties, most are dealing with normal life events and are simply in need of an objective listener - someone who doesn't judge and who can help them see new alternatives.

Counseling is a collaborative effort between the student and his/her counselor. Our goal is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for the student to address problems. To schedule a first appointment, simply call our office at 253-833-9111 ext. 2460 or e-mail us at

Can Counseling Services Help Me?

Our office offers many services

Short-term individual and couples counseling

  • (7 sessions, 50 minutes in length), to any currently enrolled Green River student for the total time they are attending.
  • Counseling sessions are free and confidential.
  • During the initial counseling session, your counselor will assess your needs and make a treatment plan based on his/her professional opinion and in collaboration with you.
  • You and your counselor will work together to decide how frequently and for how long a period it is necessary to meet.
  • You may decide to take no further action at that time - you are not obligated to continue counseling once you've attended an initial session. If you have any additional questions about the first appointment, please don't hesitate to call our office at 253-833-9111 ext. 2460.

Crisis response and intervention

  • walk in hours
  • or just come by
  • call us

Referrals (See counseling resource list sheets)

Top ten reasons students come to see us

Both college and personal life can be complicated and stressful. We can help students deal with personal problems and situational crises, gain coping and stress management skills, improve self-esteem, decrease anxiety and depressed mood, learn new relationship skills, adjust to college life, and reach their personal and academic goals.

Just about anyone can benefit. No problem is too big or small. Check out the top 10 reasons Green River students come to see us.

  1. Symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression
  2. College adjustment issues such as homesickness, schoolwork or academic problems, and relationships
  3. Interpersonal difficulties, including roommate conflicts, family problems, romantic relationship concerns, problems with assertiveness, and other issues
  4. Bereavement and grief related to the loss of a loved one (such as relationship breakups, deaths, parental divorce, or other major losses)
  5. Questions/confusion about identity, career choices, self-image, sexuality, gender, or religious concerns
  6. Single-parenting challenges
  7. Concerns about body image, food, eating, or weight
  8. Experience with sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, abuse, or other trauma
  9. Thoughts of suicide, death, or hurting others
  10. Behaviors that can be harmful to you, like drug or alcohol abuse or cutting

Still not sure if you want/need an appointment? Try our free Anonymous Online Assessment to help you decide what's right for you. Also consider calling us at 253-833-9111 ext. 2460 to discuss your situation.

Anonymous Online Assessment

Anonymous Online Assessment

Our counselors are trained to intervene or provide support for a countless number of issues, far too many to list in any comprehensive way. While counseling might be helpful in numerous situations, there are some conditions in which we would strongly encourage you to seek counseling services:

  • You are unhappy on most days or feel a sense of hopelessness
  • You worry excessively or are constantly on edge
  • You are unable to concentrate on your schoolwork or other
  • You are unable to sleep at night or constantly feel tired
  • You have experienced a change in your appetite or your weight
  • You have experienced a loss (e.g., a relationship breakup, a parent's death)
  • You have increased your use of alcohol or other drugs (including cigarettes)
  • You feel overwhelmed by what is going on in your life
  • You are having thoughts about hurting yourself or someone else

How to get the most out of your counseling

Define your goals. Think about what you would like to get out of counseling. It might be helpful to write a list of events, relationship issues, or feelings that you think are contributing to your distress. Take time before each session to consider your expectations for that session. Self-exploration and change involve hard work, and sometimes painful feelings are stirred up in the process of healing. Counselors are trained to pay close attention to these issues and will probably encourage you to discuss these feelings openly.

Be an active participant. This is your counseling experience, so be as active as you can in deciding how to use the time. Be honest with the counselor and give her or him feedback about how you see the sessions progressing.

Be patient with yourself. Growth takes time, effort, and patience. All of your coping skills, behavior patterns, and self-perceptions have been learned and reinforced over a long period of time, so change can be difficult and slow at times.

Ask questions. Ask questions about the counseling process, any methods used by the counselor, or about any other services at CMHC. Your counselor is there to assist you.

Counseling Resource List

Lutheran Counseling Network - 15 sites at churches throughout the King County area (counseling is non-denominational).
Call 206-364-1046 to locate nearest site.
Auburn Area - 253-839-1697
Kent/Renton Area - 425-271-9711
Very low sliding-scale fee - depends on location and provider (ask when calling). No Medical coupons accepted.

Presbyterian Counseling Services - Serving South King County. For location nearest you call 206-527-2266. Sliding-scale fee. No Medical coupons accepted.

Catholic Community Services - 1229 West Smith Street, Kent, WA 98032 206-328-5574. Sliding-scale fee. Accepts Medical Coupons.

Highline-West Seattle Mental Health Center - 1010 South 146th St., Burien, WA 98168 206-248-8226. Sliding-scale fee. Medical Coupons.

Valley Cities Counseling and Consultation -  2705 I Street NE, Auburn, WA 253-939-4055 Sliding-scale fee. Accepts Medical Coupons.

Seattle Counseling Services for Sexual Minorities - Serves South King County 206-323-1768. Sliding-scale fee.


King County 24-hour Crisis Line
206-461-3222 or 866-4CRISIS

Teen Link
206-461-4922 or 866 4CRISIS

Pierce County 24-hour Crisis Line

General information on counseling and mental health issues:

Specific mental health issues (traditional treatment methods):

Alternative Medicine and Mental Health:Look here for nutritional and alternative medical approaches to mental health issues.

Substance Abuse

  • Prevline - The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
  • Web of Addiction - Links to alcohol and substance abuse information, including fact sheets on a variety of alcohol and drug related topics