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The Student Code of Conduct is comprised of Washington Administrative Codes outlining the rights and responsibilities of students attending Green River College.

Location: Lindbloom Student Center (LC) Room 126A, inside the Career and Advising Center.


Dr. Deb Casey, VP of Student Affairs. 253-833-9111 ext. 3328

Shane Daetwiler, Director of Judicial Affairs & Compliance, 253-833-9111 ext. 3397

Green River College Rulemaking, 1

Green River College Rulemaking, 2


Rules of Student Conduct -WAC 132J-126 effective Jan. 3, 2015

WAC-132J-126 Rules of Student Conduct - full chapter

WAC Sections

132J-126-010 Purpose.

132J-126-020 Statement of jurisdiction.

132J-126-030 Definitions.

132J-126-040 Student code authority.

132J-126-050 Statement of student rights.

132J-126-060 Right to sale of personal property.

132J-126-070 Denial of access to Green River College.

132J-126-080 Rights of ownership of works.

132J-126-090 Conduct—Student responsibilities. 132J-126-100 Violation of law and college discipline.

132J-126-120 Purpose of disciplinary action.

132J-126-130 Disciplinary terms.

132J-126-140 Initiation of disciplinary action.

132J-126-150 Appeal from disciplinary action.

132J-126-160 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Initial hearing.

132J-126-170 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Review of an initial decision.

132J-126-180 Student conduct committee.

132J-126-190 Appeal—Student conduct committee.

132J-126-200 Student conduct appeals committee hearings—Presentations of evidence.

132J-126-210 Student conduct committee—Initial decision.

132J-126-220 Appeal from student conduct committee initial decision.

132J-126-230 Summary suspension.

132J-126-240 Supplemental procedures for sexual misconduct cases.

132J-126-250 Supplemental definitions.

132J-126-260 Supplemental complaint process.

132J-126-270 Supplemental appeal rights.

132J-126-280 Brief adjudicative proceedings authorized.

132J-126-290 Brief adjudicative proceedings—Agency record.

132J-126-300 Recordkeeping.

Use of facilities for first amendment activities - WAC Chapter 132J-155 effective Jan. 3, 2015