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Progress and Completion Center

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The Completion Coaches at Green River College offer support to students who are within the last two quarters of their certificate or degree. Our services and resources are designed to educate, support and encourage individuals to reach their goals and graduate on time.

Some of the services provided include:

  • Educational planning and academic advising
  • Assistance with degree audit evaluations and transcript evaluation
  • Referral to employment, childcare and funding resources
  • Assistance with transfer planning
  • Assistance with scholarship applications
  • Provide education on the labor market and trends
  • Referral to internal college resources, such as tutoring, DSS and Veteran's Services

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Completion Coaches

Sonia Ramirez
Ext 2560  / SA (formerly LC) 274

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Master's degree in Social Work. I worked for Sea Mar Community Health Centers for four years to provide educational services across Washington State. My passion is to serve students so they can achieve their educational and/or personal goals.


Leander Yazzie

Ext. 2562 / SA 274


"My degree was worth getting since I just met with my advisor yesterday at WSU and it's going to take care of all the common undergraduate requirements. The process was straight forward with the coach's assistance. My coach helped me get my degree 4 months ahead of what I planned, thank you! Having someone in this position definitely is important and beneficial, especially as green river continues to grow. I'm sure there are many other people who are in similar situations as I was, and having someone to coordinate with alleviated a lot of stress and work. I really enjoyed my time at green river community college. The coach's help was a great capstone to a positive experience. I hope that your position continues to add to other students experience at the college."

-Ryan, Summer 2014 Graduate

"Firstly, I couldn't thank my coach enough for being so dedicated in getting me back on my feet into finishing up my degree. I was feeling so discouraged- almost ashamed in myself because I couldn't afford going back to finish my last two classes. After my coach contacted me and helped me with getting into the proper classes, I was ecstatic... I still cannot believe that she did so much to help me finish up the rest of my classes. In a way, I felt as though I couldn't let her down for all she did for me before this quarter even started. Even though these classes may not have been the most difficult classes I've ever taken, I still did my best in both my classes, making sure I got to know my professors, and turned in all assignments and extra credit. I went from a very discouraged, unmotivated student who was really close to dropping out of my classes to one that was driven and motivated to learn all I could so that I could graduate and earn a degree. I may not know how much this may have helped me but sometime in the future when I graduate from Eastern Washington University, I'll be forever grateful that my coach called to check up on me and help me out."  

- Karen, Spring 2015 Graduate