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Green River College is committed to the success of their student veterans and their families. We strive to be the most veteran-supportive campus in the United States. We realize that these men and women bring a tremendous amount of life experience to our campus and our lives have been greatly enhanced by their personal sacrifice. 

Use this site to find important information about available services and resources. If you feel that we are missing something please feel free to let us know!

Thank you for choosing Green River College and welcome to our campus! It is our honor to serve you!

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Getting Started

Starting your college career can be confusing; we're here to help! Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you navigate the admission and registration processes. It should provide you everything you'll need to know about starting out, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact the Veteran Services office. 

Step 1: Apply for VA education benefits

You'll want to make sure that you apply for VA education benefits as soon as you can. This lets the VA know that you intend to go to school and that you'd like to use you benefits. Once you've applied the VA will send you a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). If you'll be using the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill© you will need to submit that COE to us.

If you have any questions about applying for VA education benefits please call the VA Regional Processing Center at (888) 442-4551.  

Step 2: Sign up for admission to Green River College

After you've applied for your VA education benefits you'll want to apply for admission to Green River College. You will be asked to enter personal information (name, mailing address, etcetera) and you will be given a Student Identification Number (SID). You'll also receive instructions for setting up your student email account. Make sure that you set up your student email account, as this is how the college will get a hold of you for any and every reason. Important: make sure that you have all of your previous transcripts sent to Green River College. This is required by the VA and could impact your ability to use VA education benefits. Please visit this link to learn more about our JST military transcripts evaluations procedure. 

If you have any questions about the admission process please call Enrollment Services at (253) 833-9111 ext. 2500 or send them an email.  

Step 3: Attend a Veteran Services information session

There are several VA education benefit programs. Each of them have their own specific rules and guidelines. It is important to know these details so that you can avoid confusion in the future. Veteran Services offers information sessions for new students every other week. Details about each of the VA education benefits are highlighted, as well as other services and resources that are available to you while you are at Green River College.

Email Veteran Services with your name, phone number, Student Identification Number (SID), which benefit you'd like to use and when you'd like to start. We will then contact you to schedule your information session. Make sure to bring a copy of your DD 214 and Certificate of Eligibility (COE). 

Step 4: Determine Your Course Placement

The next step will be for you to determine your Math and English placements. There are a couple of ways to determine course placement:

If you have prior college level training- you'll meet with one of our Entry Advisors in the Welcome Center. Entry Advisors help figure out what courses you'll need as a new student to Green River College. Make sure you bring a copy of any unofficial transcripts you may have.

If you do not have prior college level training- It's likely you will need to take a placement test to determine what course you need to start with. Some students may have to take a placement test to determine which courses they need to start with. If you have attended college before make sure you bring a copy of any unofficial transcripts you may have. Also, if you've taken another placement test at another college please bring a copy of your results in with you; we will honor those results. 

If you have questions about the assessment process or to meet with an Entry Advisor please call the Zgolinski Welcome Center at (253) 333-6000 or send them an email.  

Step 5: Attend a Student Orientation to Advising and Registration (SOAR) session

All students who are new to Green River College must attend a Student Orientation to Advising and Registration (SOAR) session. This helps you become familiar with the advising process at Green River and with registering for classes. You will need to schedule a SOAR session before you are able to register for your classes. Most students register for their first quarter of classes at the SOAR session. 

Please email Veteran Services to reserve a seat in a SOAR session. We will need your name and Student Identification Number (SID). 

Step 6: Request certification for VA Education Benefits

Almost there! The last step is to request certification for VA education benefits. All students collecting VA education benefits must do this every quarter that they intend to use their benefits. A step-by-step guide is located in the next tab (above).

If you have any questions about requesting certification for VA education benefits please contact the Veteran Services office.   

Requesting Certification

Students wanting to use VA education benefits must request certification every quarter. The process for doing so is outlined below, in step-by-step order.

Step 1: Check your registration access time

Enrollment Services assigns registration access times for all students. This information is updated every quarter and can be accessed here. Double check your access time to ensure that you are able and ready to register for classes. Veterans may also be eligible for priority registration. Individuals must meet the established eligibility criteria and submit a copy of their DD 214 to Enrollment Services. 

Step 2: Register for classes

Look at your intended program of study and pick courses that fit within your degree plan. The VA will only pay for courses that are required within your current program of study. Advisors are available if you need help determining what courses you need.

Contact the Career and Advising Center at (253) 233-9111 ext. 2641 or by sending them an email

Step 3: Put together your quarterly enrollment request (QER) packet

In order to be certified for your VA education benefits you must submit a quarterly enrollment request (QER) packet. This includes: QER checklist, completed QER form, copy of your course schedule, and an expanded copy of your degree audit.

Please contact Veteran Services with any questions relating to the QER packet.   

Step 4: Turn in your QER packet within 4 days of registering

You must turn your QER packet within 4 days of registering for classes. This helps us get a hold (if eligible) on your account, so that you will not be dropped for a lack of payment. All QER packets must be turned in to the Career and Advising Center to be reviewed. 

Step 5: Check your student email account

If there are any problems with your paperwork you will be notified through your student email address. If your paperwork is incomplete, or your classes do not fit within your program of study we will let you know. Remember to check your student email regularly. 

Step 6: Verify your attendance

Chapters 30, 1606, and 1607: complete every month by calling 1-877-823-2378 or through the online portal.

Chapter 33 and 33T: complete the attendance verification form and turn in to Veteran Services by the end of the first week of the quarter.  Chapter 35: you do not need to verify your attendance.  


Below are some resources that you may find useful. If you see something that could benefit other veterans, but is not listed please feel free to bring it to our attention. 

Federal Resources

American Lake VA Hospital

9600 Veterans Way, Tacoma, WA (253) 582-8440 or (800)329-8387

Federal Way Vet Center 32020 32nd Avenue S, Suite 110, Federal Way, WA (253) 838-3090

Federal Benefits Guide for Veterans, Dependents and Survivors This guide is an online version of the Department of Veterans Affairs publication. It is a comprehensive guide to all VA benefits that veterans and their families are entitled to. Some of the more notable chapters include: healthcare benefits, service connected disabilities, education and training, home loan guarantee.

E-Benefits The VA has shifted many of their processes and applications online. Visit this site to apply for a wide variety of their programs and/or manage your personal information online. 

Federal Employment Federal agencies grant veterans preference points during the hiring process. Learn more about that process, as well as find current opportunities here. 

Disability Compensation The disability compensation process can be difficult to navigate and it helps to have current, up-to-date information. This site provides some general guidelines about the compensation claim process. Make sure you visit the local resources tab to find a local Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to help you navigate the process! 

Invisible Wounds Post-Traumatic Stress Traumatic Brain Injury Military Sexual Trauma

State Resources

Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs 1102 Quince Street S.E., Olympia, WA (360) 725-2200 or (800)-562-0132

Counseling Services Washington State provides free counseling services to qualifying veterans and their families. Visit the WDVA website for more information and a list of providers near you. 

State Employment Washington State provides veterans preference for state employment opportunities. 

Free and Reduced Rate Passes Many veterans and disabled veterans are eligible to receive reduced or free rate passes for various services in Washington. Some of these include: fishing and hunting licenses, camping in state parks and ferry rides.

Emergency Funding Several state-wide grant opportunities exist for veterans who may be in financial need. These programs are operated by the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Local Resources

Veteran Service Officers

VFW Post 1741
253-640-1111 or

Veterans Emergency Transitions Fund  Green River College has created an emergency transitions fund for veterans in order to help with unexpected financial hardships for student veterans. If you or someone you know is experiencing a financial crisis while they are attending classes please feel free to  contact us for a VET Fund application. 
Veteran Scholarships
Green River offers many different veteran scholarships. Please visit the Foundation's webpage for more information about available opportunities and information about upcoming deadlines.   

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Contact Us

Veteran Services is located on the second floor in the Student Affairs and Success Center (SA), near Financial Aid and Counseling Services.  

Sandra Mathews, Program Specialist 2

Sandra is our School Certifying Official and helps certify all of our VA funded students. She is the face of VA compliance for the institution and works hard to ensure that students are able to make informed decisions about using their VA benefits. Sandra has been a proud member of the Gator community for over 22 years. 

Office Location: Student Affairs and Success Center (SA) room 237

Phone: (253) 833-9111 ext. 2465


Manila Mercurio, Program Coordinator 

Manila is the program coordinator for Veteran Services and helps students navigate the paperwork that is required for VA education benefits. She also helps provide information to new students about enrolling and taking courses at Green River. Manila proudly served 5 years in the Navy.

Office Location: Student Affairs and Success Center (SA) room 236

Phone: (253)833-9111 ext. 2466


Elizabeth Mahoney, Vet Corps Navigator

Elizabeth is the Vet Corps Navigator. She assists veterans and their family members by connecting them to resources on anf off campus. Elizabeth proudly served four years in the U.S. Air Force and is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Applied Science in Information Technology. Please drop by to say hello and/or learn about resources that are available to you.

Office Location: Student Affairs and Success Center (SA) room 276

Phone: (253) 833-9111 ext. 2277