Student Affairs

Veterans Coordinating Council

The mission of the Veterans Coordinating Council is to bring college stakeholders together to address academic and support services for veterans on campus.

The three goals of the council are outlined below:


Marketing and outreach to veterans about Green River Resources available on campus:

  • Financial Aid
  • Veterans Services-GI-Bill paperwork
  • Enrollment Services
  • Advising
  • Orientation to Campus
  • Think Tank meeting
    • Feedback from stakeholders on campus
    • Vet-Friendly posters and training sessions


  • Student Organizations
  • Housing Experience
  • Academic Initiatives (VCC program)
  • Counseling and Disability Support Resources
  • Student Activities
  • Honoring Veterans with Symbolic Events:
    • Veterans Day Celebration: Dog Tags, Yellow Ribbon
    • Memorial Day
    • Coin Ceremony
    • Care Packages and Cards to Troops
  • State-wide and National Presentations (Student Panels)


  • Transition from college to career or workforce
  • Transition from college to the next military experience
  • Transition from college to a 4-year institution
  • Family readjustment and support