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Women's Programs


Women's Programs provides a wide variety of services and resources throughout the year. We offer assistance or referrals in many areas, including: starting college or returning to school after time away; child care; financial aid; scholarships; sexual harassment and discrimination; dating and domestic violence; rape and sexual assault; legal issues; public assistance; and academic matters. Women’s Programs loans books/calculators to students who are not getting funding elsewhere and can’t afford to purchase them.

Our Mission

Women's Programs is committed to achieving equality and equity for women on campus and in our community. Women's Programs works with individuals in overcoming personal and societal barriers to success and in reaching academic, personal, and career goals.


Overview of our Services

Support Services

The most common core services and essential functions provided by women's programs include

  • Information Referrals
  • Resource libraries
  • Reentry services
  • Outreach activities
  • Emergency funding and financial assistance for students only (SAFE fund)
  • Crisis referrals
  • Domestic violence awareness and advocacy services

Campus Community Resources

  • Green River and Community Resources (i.e. books, tuition, utilities, school supplies, transportation, legal and financial matters)
  • Free brochures and information from a wide variety of community agencies
  • Listings for child care, housing, employment, volunteer opportunities and scholarships
  • Campus and community event board
  • Non-Traditional Careers for Women

Hours of Operation

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Contact Us

Women's Programs
Green River Community College
Lindbloom Student Center (LC), Room LC-230
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Phone: (253) 833-9111 x2547
Fax: (253) 288-3469