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Mission and Goals

As reaffirmed by the Board of Trustees March 18, 2010.


Green River will be a leading community college committed to creating opportunities for lifelong learning and student success.


Green River Community College improves the lives of people within our diverse communities by providing quality education and training programs. We assist students in defining and achieving their goals through instructional excellence, innovative programs and responsive services.

Institutional Goals

  1. Students will benefit from Green River's commitment to learning as its highest priority.
    • Transfer students will meet the requirements for transfer to successfully pursue a baccalaureate degree.
    • Professional/technical and workforce students will master the skills sought by employers to be successful in the workplace.
    • Under-prepared students will demonstrate competency in reading, English, and math that prepare them for success in college-level courses.
    • Community members will have opportunities for life-long learning to enrich their lives personally, socially, and culturally.
  2. Members of our diverse communities will have reasonable access to affordable educational programs and services that meet their needs.
  3. Under-represented students will be provided services that support their learning and promote student success.
  4. The community will benefit from Green River’s active participation in programs, events, collaborative partnerships, and entrepreneurial activities with government, business, and community organizations.
  5. The citizens of Washington will be ensured of Green River’s consistent practice of responsible fiscal stewardship and public accountability.

Role and Scope

Green River offers courses and programs leading to a variety of associate degrees, certificates, and diplomas in professional and technical fields and academic transfer. The college also offers customized training, developmental and basic skills programs, as well as a variety of noncredit activities and courses for personal enrichment. Students enroll at the main campus in Auburn, the Center at Enumclaw, Center at Kent, other community locations, and through distance learning. Green River also offers a variety of support services to currently enrolled and prospective students to increase their chances for success.


We, the faculty, staff, administration and Board of Trustees of Green River, embrace the following values and beliefs:

  • Recognizing student success as our highest priority
  • Providing access to those who can benefit
  • Embracing diversity
  • Holding teaching excellence in high regard
  • Recognizing the importance of student involvement
  • Demonstrating accountability for achieving our goals
  • Developing a global consciousness
  • Ensuring a safe environment
  • Preserving the natural campus environment
  • Promoting innovation
  • Fostering individual growth and development
  • Respecting the worth and dignity of the individual


In response to the need to ensure equal access to electronic and information technologies, Green River Community College has developed a set of standards for Web page design. Just as environmental obstacles have created boundaries for individuals with disabilities, the Web presents an entirely different set of obstacles.

These standards address the same minimum requirements for accessibility as recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium and the U.S. Access Board. The Access Board is an independent federal agency, whose primary mission is to promote accessibility for individuals with disabilities and develop the standards outlined by the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998.

Green River is committed to providing information and services to all users, regardless of their method of access or the constraints of the technology they use to access information.