Using the Text Editor

How to Properly Use the Text Editor

The text editor in TerminalFour is similar to any other word processor, with a few added extras.

Basic editing features

You can use the editor to paste text, add images, create bulleted lists, and spell check your content before it’s published.

image showing the text editor menu within the CMS

Cut, Copy and Paste

Cut, Copy and paste are all under the Edit button, but you can also use Ctrl+x (cut), Ctrl+c (copy), Ctrl+v (paste) if these don’t work in your browser (on Macs: Command+x, Command+c, Command+v).

It’s best to write most of your text in Word or another word processor and then paste it into TerminalFour to ensure you have a backup copy.

image showing the copy and paste menu within the CMS editor

Paste as Text 

Select this option if you’d like your pasted content to show up as plain text, which strips out formatting. 

Formatting Text

Apply text formatting using the Format menu – you can highlight text and make bold or italicized text, or apply headlines:

image showing how to select headers in the CMS editor

Refer to our Web Content Guidelines if you have questions about how to write and apply headlines.

Inserting Lists and Links

Use the Content Editor to add formatting like bulleted lists and headlines to the page to make it easy for web visitors to scan. Note: Always select basic bullet options as our CSS will override specialty bullets.

Highlight text and click “Add Link” to add links to your page.

image showing how to select link types in the CMS editor

Insert Section Link lets you to link to another section of the website.

Insert/edit external link lets you add links outside of the Site Structure or 

Adding Images or Documents

All images and documents must be approved and uploaded to the Media Library by the College Relations Web Team. To request an asset be uploaded, please complete a Web Project Request. To add images or documents once approved:

Select “insert from media”

image showing the insert media button in the CMS editor

Search or select the media you’d like to use (if it’s already in the media library) or click "Add Media" to upload a new file.

Adding media that is already in the Media Library

  • Click on the "Categorised" folder to expand it (if not already expanded).
  • Navigate to the folder in which your media item has been placed.
  • Click on the folder name to see all the media stored in that folder.
  • Click on the title of the media you wish to add to your content.

Web Project Request

To request updates to a webpage, approval of site assets or CMS training, please complete a College Relations Project Request.

Submit Project Request

CMS Login

After completing CMS training, approved content managers can sign into TerminalFour using their Green River username and password.

Login to CMS

Contact Us

Questions about website content, the GRC content management system, or project status can be directed to the College Relations Web Team at