GatorNet Project Charter

Green River College GatorNet Redesign Project Charter

Date: 9/6/2018
Prepared by: Keegan O’Connor and Kim Olsen

Project Name GatorNet Redesign
Project Sponsor Camella Morgan
Proposed Start Date 7/1/2018
Proposed End Date 6/28/2019

1. Purpose of Charter

The purpose of this project charter is to establish a shared understanding of the goals, objectives, scope, high-level timeline and success criteria of Green River College’s GatorNet redesign project, which shall be verified and authorized by the project sponsor. Once approved, this charter will serve as the baseline from which all changes will be evaluated for the impact they will have on cost, timeline and expected benefits.

2. Background and Opportunity

Green River College recently launched a redesigned external-facing website, bringing the College’s website into alignment with modern standards and best practices for web design, and ensuring everyone can access the information held there. The college is now positioned to enhance the existing Intranet to increase its utility for employees of the college, increase access to information and resources, and foster community across campus.

Current GatorNet LimitationsOpportunities
Information is outdated and often duplicated on the With the help of stakeholders, content audits will be performed, and content will be migrated to the new internal site. Migrated information will be updated, and redundancies will be eliminated to reduce the need to make future updates in multiple locations. 
Information is difficult to find  Site navigation and search feature will be improved and made more consistent.
Site is not compliant with current federal and state accessibility standards Information will be accessible to all employees.
Design is inconsistent, dated and not mobile-friendly Design will be modern, consistent and responsive across all platforms.

3. Project Goal

To create a useful, accessible tool employees will want to use, which provides accurate information about Green River College and the campus community. The design will be modern and consistent across all platforms.

4. Project Scope

The GatorNet redesign project will include the enhancement of the current Intranet to provide improved access to features, services, information and resources available to all employees, with the exception of those listed in section 4B, below.

    1. To Create a useful, accessible tool employees will want to use
      1. Faculty and staff will be given varied means to provide GatorNet Revision input and feedback, including surveys and opportunities to sign up to attend GatorNet Revision team meetings
      2. Identify and engage campus stakeholders
      3. Testing conducted to ensure accessibility
      4. Hands on training and/or how-to guides to be provided following launch for current and future employees
      5. Engage with stakeholders and content managers to make information and documents accessible to all
    2. Which provides accurate information about Green River College and the campus community
      1. With feedback from stakeholders, the current GatorNet will be proofed for redundant, out of date and/or duplicated information that will be archived or updated.
      2. The name and contact information for page content owners will be listed within the page(s) they manage, indicating who to contact when pages need updates.
      3. All employees will have access to official documents, such as organizational charts and forms.
    3. The design will be modern and consistent across all platforms
      1. Implement site within a content management system
      2. Create branded page templates with responsiveness and accessibility in mind
      3. Develop an intuitive site structure and navigation, with an improved search feature

    1. Skinning of most applications
      A limited number of high-touch web applications will be identified as candidates for re-skinning to bring them in alignment with the new design of GatorNet. This determination will be based on degree of use, feasibility and expected impact on overall project schedule
    2. Third-party services (a non-exhaustive list of examples is given below) will not be part of the redesign project, with the exception of cosmetic branding updates, when possible
      1. Megamation (Facilities)
      2. Libguides (Holman Library)
      3. Canvas
      4. Remote Access
      5. Individual faculty sites
      6. Limited use tools (such as Campus Inventory map)
      7. Department-specific working documents/folders

5. Expected Business Benefits

BenefitRelated Features
Improved administrative efficiencies
  • User-friendly navigation
  • Effective search
  • Centralized repository for important and informative documents, such as organizational charts and forms
  • Single sign on (SSO)
Increased institutional credibility
  • Consistent and modern design
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Increased accuracy of information
  • Improved process for updating content
Well informed and engaged employees, with increased morale and community
  • Increased work satisfaction and efficiency from one certain go-to location for college-related information
  • Staff news and communication

6. Success Criteria

Project GoalsMeasurements of Success
Intranet is a useful, accessible tool employees will want to use
  • At least four surveys conducted before, during and after development
  • One campus forum held to receive feedback from the community
  • At least one individual meeting held with departments, programs and offices identified as key stakeholders
  • Minimum Siteimprove score of 75% at launch, excluding documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Specific how-to guides and trainings developed for general audience and content managers by the time of launch
  • Six months after launch, the daily use of the GatorNet by employees is at least 75%, up 29+% from the initial survey
Intranet provides accurate information about Green River College and the campus community
  • Content owner and contact information is listed on all pages
  • Content of every page has been verified by a content expert, and site structure comparisons have been conducted
  • All official documents are hosted within the new site
  • All information is housed either on the outward facing website or on the GatorNet
Intranet design is modern and consistent across all platforms
  • Site is hosted within a content management system
  • Site is responsive and usable across platforms (desktop, mobile, etc.)
  • Pages have branded template created with responsiveness and accessibility in mind
  • New site structure is intuitive, with improved navigation
  • Search feature functions effectively

7. Timeline

  • The launch of the new GatorNet will occur by July 1, 2019.
  • The detailed project schedule will be produced within the project plan and will be posted on the GatorNet Redesign Project Page at: by November 13, 2018.

8. Resources & Organization

Project RolePeople Assigned
Project Sponsor Camella Morgan
Project Managers Keegan O’Connor
Kim Olsen
Team Members Phil Denman
Joseph Becker
Brian Chan
Anthony White
Matt Witwicki
Qiong Wu
Resources GRC Server Team
Creative Services

9. Assumptions

  • The project will adhere to current accessibility standards
  • A quality Intranet is important to Green River College employees

10. Meetings and Updates

 When / WhereAudienceFrequencyResponsible
Meetings Tuesdays /
TC 214

Working Team

(Employees with input or questions can join the first fifteen minutes, by scheduling with Project Managers)

Weekly PMs / Team
Thursdays /
TC 214
Working Team Weekly, through planning stage, and as needed thereafter PMs / Team
Fridays / TC 214 Working Team / with Camella and George Bi-Weekly PMs / Team
Campus Status Updates Fridays / Revision Page on Current GatorNet Campus Bi-Weekly Updates CR

11. Authorization

Approved By Camella Morgan 9/6/2018 

A signed copy of the charter can be downloaded below.

Signed GatorNet Revision Project Charter