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FILM 120  The Art of the Film  (5)

Course is an introduction to the art of film. The goal is to instill an appreciation for film as an art form. Course looks at the breadth of film as an art form by covering aspects of film from the style, theme, genre, cinematic techniques, etc. Satisfies a humanities/fine arts/English requirement.

FILM 121  Contemporary American Film  (5)

Examines contemporary American movies: directors, actors, style, and themes of cultural diversity. Focuses on the examination of popular films for greater understanding of cinematic aesthetics and greater awareness of how movies today both reflect and influence values of our culture, with special focus on diversity of gender, ethnicity and class. Satisfies a humanities/fine arts/English and the diversity course requirement.

FILM 122  Introduction to Film: Genres  (5)

Introduces film genres such as thrillers, film noir, melodramas, westerns, documentary or culturally-specific films. Examines the literary, mythic and historical aspects of the different genres. Examines the social and political significance of different genres through the use of specific films watched in class. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL 099 or instructor's permission. Satisfies a humanities/fine arts/English requirement. Formerly HUMAN 272.

FILM 191  Latin America in Film  (5)

Explores the relationship between film and cultural interpretation and understanding of Latin America. Considers the history of cinema in Latin America. Focuses on how film has been used to interpret Latin American culture and how we can use it to understand Latin American past and present with special emphasis on discussing the complex history and social problems of the region. Also explores common stereotypes with which Latin America has been portrayed in main stream U.S. movies. No knowledge of Spanish language required. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for ENGL 099. Satisfies a humanities/fine arts/English and the diversity course requirement. Cross-listed with HUMAN 191.