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Health Education

HL ED 150  Total Wellness  (5)

Explores wellness and provides students with the information necessary to make informed choices and decisions regarding physical activity, diet/weight control, nutrition, death and dying, recognizing and reducing stress, relaxation techniques, relationships, environmental issues, and risk factors for disease. Taught by a team of instructors.

HL ED 160  Applied Wellness  (3)

Explores the application of concepts and principles in HL ED 150, in addition to advanced concepts in wellness. PREREQUISITE: HL ED 150.

HL ED 170  Wellness Approach to Final Stages of Life  (3)

Educates students about the issues surrounding death, dying, surviving and living. Topics include Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s Stages of Loss. Model, cross-cultural attitudes toward death, the dying person and one’s own death, grieving, epidemiology and danger signals of suicide, euthanasia, body disposal, wills, living wills, organ donation, and options for funeral arrangements. This wellness approach emphasizes celebration in quality of life. PREREQUISITE: HL ED 150.

HL ED 180  Food and Health  (3)

Explores diet and its relationship to the health and vitality of the individual. Provides practical information necessary for evaluating nutritional needs, obtaining essential nutrients, gaining strategies for improving dietary intake, practicing food safety, and understanding food labeling. Also focuses on diet and weight control, body image, and eating disorders, along with diet and disease.

HL ED 190  Standard First Aid/CPR  (3)

American Red Cross requirement for First Aid and CPR certification may be met. Covers adult, child, and infant first aid, CPR, rescue breathing, medical emergencies, bandaging, splinting and transporting. Satisfies an activity requirement.

HL ED 198  Independent Study-Health  (3)

For any student wishing to develop a basic knowledge in health when there is no offering in the regular curriculum. PREREQUISITE: Instructor's permission.