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High School Completion

HSC 020  iGRAD Frameworks  (1-10)

For iGRAD students only. Develops the academic and personal skills essential for success. These academic and Life management skills include learning strategies, techniques for time management, decision making, test preparation, and critical thinking. PREREQUISITE: Instructor's permission.

HSC 025  Civics and Government  (3-5)

Introduces students to the American political system; its core values and principles as set forth in foundational documents, as well as its origins, institutions and operations. Includes brief treatments of political parties, historic development of American politics, civil liberties, plus taxes and budgets. Introduces students to the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and of democratic civic involvement. PREREQUISITE: Concurrent enrollment in READ 084; or eligible for ENGL 081 and READ 094.

HSC 033  High School Language Arts and Literature  (5)

Introduces high school students to the critical reading and writing skills needed for the study of civics and history. Students work with primary documents, history texts, historic analysis, and quotations, and their own writing to identity the central ideas, summarize complex concepts, and to describe the explicit and implicit contents of text.

HSC 040  Culminating Experience  (3-5)

Fulfills the Washington state high school requirement for the culminating experience and post-high school graduation life planning. Instructor facilitates students to find their own passionate interests, and then use those interests to create a showpiece that can both wrap up their K-12 education and launch them into productive and satisfying adult lives. PREREQUISITE: Concurrent enrollment in READ 084; or eligible for ENGL 081 and READ 094. This is a pass/no-credit course.