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Study Skills

ST SK 101  Study Skills for the Social Sciences  (3)

For students concurrently enrolled in a social science class. Covers learning strategies and techniques that lead to successful completion of a social science course. Emphasizes effective textbook reading, lecture note taking, time management, test preparation, and memory improvement. May cover participation in internet-based discussion groups and library research. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for READ 104 or concurrent enrollment in READ 094.

ST SK 103  Study- Reading Techniques in Science  (1)

Improves study-reading skills related to the sciences. Introduces students to valuable information about study-reading techniques in science and stimulating resources. This is an important skill-building course that can influence college success, but does not fulfill degree requirements. Planned or concurrent enrollment in a science course is recommended. This is a pass/no-credit course.

ST SK 105  Orientation to College  (1)

Holds the key to a successful experience at Green River. Introduces first year students, though the course is not restricted to them, to valuable information about personal services, unique programs, and stimulating resources offered at Green River. This is a pass/no-credit course.

ST SK 106  College Survival  (2)

Provides first-time and returning students with specific skills and strategies needed to accomplish their academic goals with greater success. Through discussion, group exercises, and guest speakers, students are introduced to a variety of topics critical to student success: time management, setting priorities, learning styles, campus resources and policies, critical thinking, motivation, and test taking. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for READ 094 or instructor's permission. This is a pass/no-credit course.

ST SK 110  College Success Strategies  (5)

Emphasizes development of necessary skills for successful completion of college courses in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. Provides techniques and strategies to improve time management, memory, note-taking, textbook reading techniques, outlining, mapping, learning styles, use of library, test preparation, and test taking. Focuses on how individuals become independent learners and develop critical thinking skills. PREREQUISITE: Eligible for READ 104, or concurrent enrollment in READ 094.

ST SK 199  Independent Study-Study Skills  (1-3)

Encourages students to work on a specific study technique. The technique must increase the student’s understanding and application of study technique to academic work. PREREQUISITE: Instructor's permission.