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Water Supply Technology

WST 177  Wastewater Cooperative Education  (1-12)

Allows students to work full- or part-time in jobs directly related to their programs and interests. Students may receive a salary or volunteer. PREREQUISITE: Instructor's permission. This is a pass/no-credit course.

WST 180  Water Distribution  (3)

Covers components of a water distribution system, operation and maintenance procedures for a water distribution system and normal and abnormal conditions in water distribution systems. PREREQUISITE: ENGL 081, 099, 109, ENGL &101 or eligible for ENGL 099.

WST 183  Water Sources  (1)

Provides basic information related to water sources used for public drinking water systems. Includes water supply hydrology, groundwater sources, surface water sources and water source protection. PREREQUISITE: ENGL 081, 099, 109, ENGL&101 or eligible for ENGL 099.

WST 184  Water Regulations  (2)

Provides an overview of federal and state drinking water regulations including a brief history and the structure of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Reviews current drinking water regulations. Identifies water quality parameters addressed in drinking water regulations. Covers operator certification. PREREQUISITE: ENGL 081, 099, 109, ENGL&101 or eligible for ENGL 099.

WST 185  Water Treatment 1  (3)

Covers public drinking water treatment processes, theory, operation and maintenance. Processes include preliminary treatment, coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation and filtration. PREREQUISITE: MATH 072, 097 or eligible for MATH 097, and ENGL 081, 099, 109, ENGL& 101, or eligible for ENGL 099.

WST 186  Water Treatment 2  (3)

A continuation of WST 185. Processes include fluoridation, control of corrosion and scaling, iron and manganese control, lime softening, ion exchange processes, absorption, aeration, and membrane processes. PREREQUISITE: WST 185.

WST 188  Water Laboratory  (2)

Uses theory, performance, and interpretation of basic water laboratory procedures to assess water quality. Topics include safety, sampling, alkalinity, harness, pH, coliform, jar testing, turbidity, chlorine residual, and advanced water testing procedures.

WST 199  Independent Study-Water Supply Technology  (1-5)

Allows students to investigate an area of interest in the water supply technology field with the guidance of an instructor using a learning contract. PREREQUISITE: Instructor's permission.