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Water Technology

WTECH 181  Water Hydraulics  (3)

Examines the general principles of water hydraulics and how they relate to the operation of water distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, and water and wastewater treatment facilities. Topics include mass, density, displacement, flow, velocity, pressure, Bernoulli’s theorem, friction loss, minor head loss, and flow measurement. PREREQUISITE: MATH 072, 097 or eligible for MATH 097.

WTECH 182  Pumps and Pumping Systems  (3)

Examines pumps and pump piping systems used in water and wastewater applications. Emphasizes operational theory, application and basic maintenance of centrifugal pumps. PREREQUISITE: MATH 072, 097 or eligible for MATH 097.

WTECH 183  Utility Worker Safety  (3)

Examines safety concerns for water and wastewater utilities including confined space entry, underground utility location, excavation safety, fire safety, electrical safety, hazardous energy control (lock out/tag out), machine guarding, and the chemical hazard communication standard. Personal protection topics includes back safety, safe stairway/ladder use, personal fall protection, blood borne pathogen awareness, respiratory, eye, hand, head, hearing, and foot protection. Reviews regulations and standards relating to these topics.

WTECH 184  Disinfection and Chemical Feed Systems  (3)

Covers principles of disinfection and disinfection alternatives. Discusses operation and maintenance of chemical feed systems used in water and wastewater applications including gas chlorinators and solution feed systems. Covers safety procedures for handling chlorine. PREREQUISITE: MATH 072, 097 or eligible for MATH 097.

WTECH 185  Water and Wastewater Applied Problems  (3)

Students perform calculations related to water and wastewater laboratory, effectiveness of each major stage of water and wastewater treatment operation, pump capacities, pump rates, process loading rates, flow rates and chemical dosage rates. PREREQUISITE: MATH 072, 097 or eligible for MATH 097.

WTECH 187  Drawings and Manuals  (3)

Includes interpretation of maps, drawings, and operation and maintenance manuals as these activities relate to the water and wastewater technology field.

WTECH 188  Water and Wastewater Electrical  (3)

Electrical fundamentals for water and wastewater applications including atomic theory, energy sources, circuit basics, electromagnetism, inductance, capacitance, power systems, control system component reading, electrical diagrams, electrical measurements, normal operations, and troubleshooting.

WTECH 191  Pre-Employment Seminar  (3)

Covers job search and preparation for water and wastewater careers. Includes resume, cover letter, and application preparation, as well as interview techniques and practice. Also includes identification of potential employers. Students gain workplace skills including internal customer service and diverse workforce awareness.