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Wastewater Technology

WWT 172  Industrial Wastewater Instrumentation  (1)

Covers basic concepts and industry practices regarding wastewater treatment instrumentation measuring systems and their associated control systems.

WWT 174  Industrial Wastewater Regulations  (1)

Covers water pollution control statutes and regulations that concern industrial facilities which discharge directly to the environment or to publicly-owned wastewater collection systems and treatment plants.

WWT 175  Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes 1  (2)

Focuses on the operation of industrial wastewater pretreatment facilities and industrial wastewater treatment facilities discharging directly to the environment (with NPDES permits). Introduces industrial wastewater variables, components, effects and generation. Covers treatment processes including preliminary treatment (flow equalization, screening, pH adjustment), and physical treatment (air stripping, carbon absorption).

WWT 176  Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes 2  (2)

A continuation of WWT 175. Covers treatment processes including physical-chemical (coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation), filtration, and treatment of metal waste streams.

WWT 177  Wastewater Cooperative Education  (1-12)

Allows student to work full- or part-time in jobs directly related to their programs and interests. Students may receive a salary or volunteer. PREREQUISITE: Instructor's permission. This is a pass/no-credit course.

WWT 180  Wastewater Collection  (3)

Topics include composition and sources of wastewater; purposes of wastewater collection systems; wastewater collection system components including preliminary treatment, piping systems and lift stations; wastewater collection system operation and maintenance including inspecting, testing, and cleaning; normal and abnormal operating conditions.

WWT 185  Municipal Wastewater Treatment 1  (3)

Gives an overview of the purpose, operation and maintenance of municipal wastewater treatment plant processes including preliminary treatment, primary treatment, trickling filters and rotating biological contractors. PREREQUISITE: MATH 072, 097 or eligible for MATH 097; ENGL 081,099,109 or ENGL& 101 or eligible for ENGL 099.

WWT 186  Municipal Wastewater Treatment 2  (3)

Gives an overview of the purpose, operation and maintenance of municipal wastewater treatment activated sludge and stabilization pond processes. Covers solids processes including thickening, anaerobic digestion, aerobic digestion and dewatering. PREREQUISITE: WWT 185

WWT 188  Wastewater Laboratory  (2)

Covers theory, performance, and interpretation of basic wastewater laboratory procedures used to assess water quality. Topics include safety, total solids, dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, pH, fecal coliform, and chlorine residual.

WWT 199  Independent Study-Wastewater Technology  (1-5)

Allows students to investigate an area of interest in the wastewater technology field with the guidance of an instructor, using a learning contract. PREREQUISITE: Instructor's permission.